CyberSkills Establishes Partnership with LatitudeLearning
By Sara Trzemzalski


LatitudeLearning Offers The Flexibility Needed For CyberSkills Growth Stage

Six months ago, CyberSkills, a company offering small and medium sized businesses a set of training solutions and consulting services in several key development areas, discovered LatitudeLearning and knew their partnership was going to change their business. CyberSkills needed a Learning Management System (LMS) that met their specific criteria they offer as a training and development operation, along with the flexibility to grow and customize as needed. Finding the right LMS proved to be a challenge until Richard D. Pollack Chief Learning Officer and President, CyberSkills, LLC found LatitudeLearning, a leader in channel LMSs. From there, all the pieces came together and Pollack was confident they found their new LMS that could support CyberSkills’ vision and growth.

“CyberSkills originally started out as a company called Focused Surgical Solutions,” said Pollack. “We were one of the largest consulting firms in the Ambulatory Surgery Center market and more, but our primary service was within information system training and process integration. We wanted to create a company where it could work across several industries and really focus on those areas because they were always the highest in demand.” 

Pollack points out that their company isn’t your typical training company. With over 250 courses in their library, with the ability to create effective new courses for any business model, CyberSkills is confident in their training and ongoing development approach. Each course they have offers different learning style channels, which may include everything you’d expect from an online college course to an audio book to listen to at your own pace. 

To make CyberSkills ready to offer these courses and options, they needed to find the right LMS who could handle all their specifications, which led them to LatitudeLearning. Two things stood out during their initial research: 
  • After using several learning platforms over the years, Pollack was never particularly happy with the other company’s design, limitations and pricing structures so he did not want to return to any of those.
  • While learning more about LatitudeLearning, it was apparent that their system was robust and flexible, but their pricing was also extremely competitive for a startup company and probably offered more than they will ever need.

Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG said "Latitude is committed to understand and providing the training solution that companies like CyberSkills are seeking."

“We’re confident that by partnering with Latitude CG our company is going to help us handle our current growth stage smoothly,” Pollack shared. “We cannot wait to see where we’ll be at with them in another six months.”

About CyberSkills
CyberSkills offers small and medium sized businesses a focused set of training solutions and consulting services in the areas of Leadership Development, Process Improvement, and Information Technology. We partner with organizations to achieve their learning and development needs while empowering employees to meet the many challenges facing businesses today and in the future.

About Latitude CG
Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS and base to LatitudeConnect the software that drives channel performance. Over 3 million people across 10,000 organizations have used LatitudeLearning to manage training.

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