Cylient promotes coaching in the workplace as a way to learn
By Sonia Gottfried


Businesses that want to thrive in an unpredictable, fast-changing business environment are instilling coaching-based leadership as their preferred leadership style, according to Dianna Anderson CEO of Cylient.

What is Coaching-based Leadership
Unlike traditional leadership approaches that focus on directing and correcting people, coaching-based leadership turns day-to-day challenges into opportunities for people to learn “in the moment” by integrating coaching approaches—such as asking questions that ignite insight or using metaphors to shift perspectives—into day-to-day conversations.

The focus is on helping people to think for themselves and move into action, rather than telling them what to do. According to Anderson, this approach teaches team member how to learn from their experiences, become more resilient, and be more thoughtful in their own decision-making process.

When coaching-based leadership becomes a way of life, the core principles of coaching permeate an organization’s culture. That’s what’s called a coaching culture. That’s an environment where people are able to have more honest and productive conversations, take calculated risks, innovate together and build coalitions across boundaries. These capabilities are essential new ways of thinking and working that enable people to navigate any kind of change more quickly and easily.

Cylient offers two workshops that teach people at all levels of the organization how to make coaching-based leadership their leadership style of choice. Coaching in the Moment® is a one-day, PowerPoint-free workshop where you will learn how to how take a coaching approach to addressing day-to-day challenges. Feedback in the Moment® deepens the learning from Coaching in the Moment by teaching participants how to offer developmental feedback “in the moment.”

These workshops train leaders to focus on realizing the potential of others, rather than approaching team members as problems that need to be fixed. Anderson says, “When people are treated like problems they tend to become resentful and disengage, which is a significant source of many of our most persistent challenges, such people not taking initiative, not resolving issues in a timely way, and not bringing the best that they have to offer to their work.”

Workshop participates learn how to identify “knots” in situations—that’s when something that needs to happen is “not” happening—and use Cylient’s Untying the Knot® approach to coaching to help people discover new, more productive ways to get things done, and expand their capabilities. Both workshops are available as video-based eLearning where Anderson teaches the courses via video, and actors portray coaching scenarios that are debriefed with animated characters.

About Cylient
Cylient’s focus is instilling coaching cultures so that “in the moment” coaching and feedback becomes a way of life, and change of any kind gets traction. That’s Cylient’s sole focus because they believe that every organization, regardless of its size or focus, needs to make coaching-based leadership their preferred leadership style in order to thrive in our increasingly complex world.

About our Training Series
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