domiKnow Claro Review: User Satisfaction Negative
By Jeff Walter



domiKnow Claro

User Satisfaction Index: -38 


We asked your opinions on the eLearning authoring tool set offered by domiKnow to find out what you think of them.  Ontario, Canada based domiKnow has been in the eLearning business for more than a decade and offer a suite of software products.  Claro is a cloud based elearning and mLearning authority tool designed to promote ease of use and interactivity.  For the most part, it sounds like there are mixed results. Many respondents noted the ease of use yet lamented the performance and options for receiving certifications. We've reviewed the feedback and as our exclusive "Satisfaction Meter" indicates, the overall User Satisfaction index of -38 would seem to indicate users are left largely unsatisfied.


How They Rate domiKnow Claro

Claro received an average rating of 6.7 from respondents when asked the likelihood of recommending to a friend, where 0 is "not at all likely" and 10 is "extremely likely". Only 23% of respondents gave a rating of 9 or 10. While 61% gave a rating between 0 and 6.  Overall roughly 15% of all respondents gave rating of 7 or 8.

What They Like about domiKnow Claro

Overall people liked the quality and depth of the eLearning courses from domiKnow.  Some also noted that the software layout is relatively easy to understand and navigate.  Among the comments we received:

"Comprehensive learning processes made easy."

"It's about training on eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions thus, provides the ability to share complete topics (learning objects)"

What They Don't Like about domiKnow Claro

When asked what users didn't like about the software, many offered strong objections as evidenced by the lowest recorded rating of 0.  This would seem to indicate that users were frequently disappointed with the features and overall performance.

"Should provide certification courses internationally" 

"The speed, the table function, the importing function, the exporting function, the bugs, etc."

When They Use or Recommend  domiKnow Claro

There was no consensus among respondents and comments varied widely when asked about using or recommending domiKnow Claro.  While some indicated comfort with using Claro, others expressed indifference or strong aversion to making a recommendation. Among the responses we received:.

"Regional training conferences."

"Most likely never."


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