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By Sara Trzemzalski


Tom Stuker, President and Founder of Stuker Training, provides dealers with the skillsets and techniques to sell more vehicles. If you haven’t yet, here’s your chance to meet a sales legend who’s changed the way car dealerships operate and close sales. Tom has an incredible reputation, from being United Airlines 17-million-mile flier to a published author and entertainment host with his sales training and philosophy. According to Tom, there’s two skills you need to master for sales.

“No matter what role you fall into in the Automotive Industry, phone and sales skills are critical,” Tom said. “Phone calls are three times more likely to convert to sales than any other type of lead. In fact, over 80% of inbound sales calls are not converted to a sale. When managed properly, dealers can improve incoming call-to-sale ratios by more than 33%. Imagine what that could do to your sales revenue.”

His unique training provides a wide range of training topics and support products, which cover every angle of dealerships. One of the primary differences with Stuker’s training is the choices you get with it. You can select in-house dealership training, to one day conference trainings or on-the-road workshops. Each training model is equipped with the right tools so your sales and management teams will understand how to handle each conversation, with real-life and hands on training from proven methods. Any dealership can build a winning sales team, just like any individual can increase their pay, if they apply Stuker’s lessons and tactics.

To understand why their training is changing the way dealers do business, you need to understand what it involves. Each training method involves a three-dimensional approach to learning, which include: online, in-person and sales support kits. The element that stands out the most is their hands-on approach with real-time situations. This strengthens your staff’s confidence and knowledge to improve their current sales techniques. It doesn’t matter if your team needs call tracks to bring back a customer to buy or your team needs to land a customer in the right vehicle, Stucker’s training will show you an exact breakdown on how to handle every sales situation. They also started offering virtual interactive training programs.

There’s many different parts of sales, which is why they cover many areas in the dealership areas. Their training includes:
  • In-House Training
  • Online Training
  • Bootcamps
  • BDC Training
  • Phone Training
  • Individual Training
  • Management Training
  • Workshops

As the Founder of the BDC Concept, this area tends to be one of their leading training sessions. During this training, you’ll learn how to properly build, manage and operate a growing and profitable BDC at any dealerships. Some of the subjects covered include lead management, driving traffic, handling calls, phone training and much more. Plus, they share all their winning formulas with your team so results happen.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for top-notch sales training, this might be a good fit. To close, imagine increasing your sales by 25% in 90 days. That’s what Stuker Training can do for you and why they’re leading the way with their unique training options.

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