ENHANCEMENT: Define Your LMS Home Page
By Sarah Robinson


LatitudeLearning has released a simplified Student and Manager Workflow from the Navigation page, accessible via the header grid  icon. This menu allows users to move seamlessly between New and Legacy UI pages. With the enhancement posted on January 21, 2018, each icon on the Navigation page will point to a new, sleeker LMS page that retains all the functionality of its classic counterpart without the "My Learning Center" menu, navigation tabs, or page descriptions. CLICK HERE to learn more about the new streamlined workflow.

Portal Administrators now have the power to control their LMS user experience by defining the Home Page setting under Site Management > LMS Information. 
  • Select which page users are routed to upon clicking the header Logo or Home  icon : Classic Home, Courses To Complete, What's New, Training Goals
  • Continue the Legacy Experience by setting the "Home Page" option to Classic Home
  • When you are ready to roll out the New UI workflow, select a Login Landing Page and Home Page option other than Classic Home.
    -- Users with highest role Student or Location Manager will no longer be able to navigate back to legacy pages.
    -- Those assigned a Location Administrator, Instructor, Administrator, or Portal Administrator role will continue to access legacy pages by clicking the  icon in header. The gear icon points to a new Administration page that includes the classic "My Learning Center" menu and access to all the same pages administrators see today.

We are currently developing an improved Administrator Workflow as well! Please feel free to check out project requirements and provide feedback on the R&D Blog: https://www.latitudelearning.com/r-d/lms-roadmap 

Feature Roll Out

With this enhancement launch on 1/21/18, each new Forever FREE LMS will come with the streamlined Student and Manager Workflow in place. Default system settings will be "Login Landing Page: Navigation" and "Home Page: Courses To Complete".

Existing clients will find their Legacy Experience persist, with their LMS "Home Page" set to Classic Home. Those with a paid subscription are encouraged to contact their Latitude Account Manager when they are ready to roll out the New UI experience to end users.

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