ENHANCEMENT: Favorite Tools
By Sarah Robinson


The Administration page was enhanced on June 24 with a new Favorite Tools feature, where each user can build an ordered list of LMS pages they visit most. Using simple drag-and-drop technology, training administrators will be able to create a personalized navigation menu that is mobile-friendly and accessible any time from the global header.

To get started, click the Administration  icon in the LMS header. The Administration page will display both the "My Learning Center" navigation menu, plus single click access to all pages listed as your Favorite Tools. Remember that access to each LMS feature is still determined by a user's highest Role assignment, so users will only be provided Favorite Tool options already listed in their "My Learning Center" menu.
  1.  In the new Favorite Tools section, click the Edit   button to open the Edit Favorite Tools page.

  2. There are two columns on the Edit Favorite Tools page: Hidden and Displayed. By default, all tools are hidden. To create a favorites list, drag and drop items into the "Displayed" column, in your desired list order. 

  3. Click Save. Your Favorite Tools list will then display on the Administration page in the order selected.

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