ENHANCEMENT: Scheduled Reports
By Sarah Robinson


LatitudeLearning has enhanced the Reporting functionality with the ability to schedule custom reports.

Scheduled Reports

Many clients have requested the ability to schedule automated LMS reports, so they do not have to manually run a report every month, week, or day. The Scheduled Reports tool provides a simple way to do just that! Configure your custom Report List with standard filters, then schedule reports for automated execution on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. As always, these Report Results are available for review or download within 30 days of execution.

1. To get started, open your Report List and click the new Add Schedule   icon. 

2. Fill out the Add Schedule form, adding Standard Filters, Schedule Range, Notes, and Frequency settings as desired. In the example below, user is scheduling a report to run the first day of every month, effective for the year May 2018 through May 2019. Standard Filters are saved, and applied to every scheduled run. 

3. Click Save to create automated report schedule, or Cancel to exit the form.

4. Open the Scheduled Reports tab to view and manage your automated list. 

  • Click the Launch icon to run a scheduled report on demand, with saved filters applied. 
  • Open the Edit Schedule  form to view details and make changes.
  • Click the Delete icon to permanently delete the report schedule.

Report Results

The Report Results page has also been enhanced with two additional columns, helping users keep their results repository easy to understand and manage.

  • Frequency column tracks whether the report resulted from an automated schedule -- On Demand, Daily, Weekly (Day), Monthly (Day) -- or manual execution from Report List, as indicated by empty values.
  • Record column displays total record count from results file.

Other Enhancements

Check out the full list of R&D projects and their scheduled release dates here: Implemented EnhancementsClick on the enhancement description in the list to learn more about each item.

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