FastestLabs provides pre-training resources to new franchisees to help ease into program
By Brandon May


Running a business is no easy task, but there’s one certain factor employers should consider if they’re wishing to build a successful team that’s efficient and reliable: drug and alcohol testing. Many employers ask their staff to submit to these types of tests, but waiting for results is often cumbersome for companies who need in-office assistance quickly. FastestLabs based in San Antonio, Texas, is one such franchise that offers quality and accurate testing for employers, with test results available within five minutes. Most traditional medical clinics have employers wait 45 minutes to an hour for results. This testing service is growing at a rapid rate, with almost 20 locations already up and running in the United States. With the company’s impressive testing turnaround and high-quality customer service, it’s clear that their operations around the country will grow exponentially in the coming years. But, it should be noted that most of their success is contingent upon their high-quality training program.

Dave Claflin, CEO and
President of FastestLabs
FastestLabs Franchisee Training Program
FastestLabs, a non-medical clinic specialized in providing swift alcohol and drug testing, prides itself in its franchisee training program. The company provides an in-depth, rigorous training approach to assure each franchise meet federal-level requirements as well as uniform customer service goals. FastestLabs also ensures a comprehensive training program with the goal of having each franchise opened swiftly following training. Dave Claflin, CEO and President of FasetstLabs, says, “Our number one goal is to make sure that when you get back from training, your office is open Monday.”

The training program for FastestLabs runs three weeks, with the first two weeks beginning prior to the training on-site at headquarters. Franchisees receive a care package complete with forms, information for daily business, and training videos. These two weeks are designed to get trainees up-to-speed with the company and what they should expect during the actual training process. Dave explains regarding these two weeks by saying, “Two weeks before they come to training, they get a care package so that they can kind of break the ice and are not as nervous.” The videos and care package essentials that FastestLabs provides during the training process is the result of surveying franchisees who feel that tiny, easily digestible chunks of information prior to one-on-one training could be beneficial in order to provide more familiarity with the concepts. That way they can hit the ground running during on-site training with a firm, solid educational foundation beneath them.

One week prior to training, onsite trainees will have access to the online university where they will gain certification with certain types of testing performed at FastestLabs. This certification is through the company and provides the credentials of a Certified Professional Collector (CPC), allowing trainees to collect at the federal level. The third week is the main event where trainees are able to work in a live clinical working environment. The reason for this is simple. According to Dave, “They’re literally testing customers the same way they’ll test when they get back.” The live environment offers a chance for real-life application of the knowledge that’s acquired over the two weeks’ worth of training videos and information. It’s a Monday through Friday training week at the San Antonio headquarters, and testing of hair, saliva, fingernail, DNA, and background screens are all performed. In addition, FastestLabs offers applicable training for running and growing the business, sales scripts for cold calling, and incoming phone scripts.

Franchisees have the ability to train employees after their own training, according to Dave. The restriction is that they can’t train their employees on the federal level until after one year. If there are multiple employees in the same unit, each employee must be trained. Headquarters is typically involved during franchise employee training by watching employees via Skype complete the 7 Standard Mock Trials required by the government. Following training, each franchisee receives an operation handbook featuring step-by-step details of everything they learned in training. This operation manual serves as merely a reference point for franchisees who are taking on new customers and are wanting to make sure they follow the business protocol to the letter. If help is needed at anytime, customers can call headquarters to ask questions.

Why Training Is Important
Training is important, according to Dave, because he wants customers to walk into any FasestLabs across the country and receive the same feel and customer experience as all the others. It’s uniformity that’s the goal in order to build a brand that’s consistent. Dave adds, “Having been previous franchisees, training is our #1 prerogative. Support and world-class training is our motto.”

About FastestLabs®
FastestLabs® is a drug, alcohol, and DNA testing facility with multiple office locations in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Ohio, New Jersey, and Georgia. The company provides efficient and accurate results for employers and individuals in minutes, compared with medical clinics that take days. Lawyers, employers, and parents can utilize the services the company has to offer. In addition, FastestLabs® is a non-medical clinic that strives to provide unbeatable customer service, better pricing than traditional medical clinics, and a speedy turnaround.

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