Focus:HOPE Leverages Free LMS to Provide Training
By LatitudeLearning Team


Free LMS for Charity™ Program Offers Support for Non-profit Community

SALINE, Mich., May 19, 2010 – Latitude Learning, provider of the industry leading open-source learning management system (LMS), today announced that Focus: HOPE has joined Latitude Learning’s Free LMS for Charity™ program to leverage LatitudeLearning to prepare its students for the workforce.

Through its Free LMS for Charity™ program Latitude Learning has pledged to provide services valued at up to 5 percent of its revenue to enable non-profits to leverage its on-demand LMS to manage training that will benefit their constituents.

LatitudeLearning hosts training programs on behalf of various companies. This state of the art, open-source LMS, originally developed for global Fortune 50 companies, is now available to non-profit organizations and training companies as an on-demand LMS to host their training classes and manage student records. Additionally, LatitudeLearning is providing access to over 75 Global Mindset e-learning courses tuition-free for all clients.

LatitudeLearning enables non-profit organizations and training companies to literally propel their Internet presence to a world class standard for training functionality and effectiveness.

"This system is a tremendous addition to our workforce development and training programs, as well as to our HOPE Village neighborhood initiative. Additionally, we expect that this system will be a key feature of our delivery of learning opportunities in our new Family Learning Center, which is scheduled to open in June,” said Focus: HOPE CEO William F. Jones, Jr. “It is gratifying when we find partners who are willing to donate the use of such excellent and cutting edge tools to further our work in the use of intelligent and practical action to combat racism, poverty and injustice."

“We welcome Focus: HOPE to LatitudeLearning and fully support their mission of helping individuals succeed through appropriate training and education,” stated Latitude CEO Jeff Walter. “Latitude is proud to be associated with this renowned organization that is dedicated to improving the economic status of people eager to take advantage of available education and training opportunities."

About Latitude Learning
Latitude CG is the developer and host of the world class learning management system (LMS), LatitudeLearning. Initially built for global Fortune 50 companies, LatitudeLearning is a scalable, robust, on-demand LMS available for training companies to provide effective training for their clients. LatitudeLearning enables training companies to open a world of new opportunities.
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