Franchisor’s Training Challenge
By Sonia Gottfried


Franchisors have the dilemma of overcoming a variety of training challenges. Franchisee employees are NOT franchisor employees and cannot be treated as such. This makes it difficult to implement new products and practices.
There is no chain of command
Corporate training programs rely on the management chain of command to ensure employees participate in required training. Franchisors cannot require franchise employees or their supervisors to take training.
Franchise training programs must rely on incentive-based certification programs.

Franchise owners own many franchises
Corporate training programs only have to support managers that manage a single organizational unit within the organization’s single organization structure chart. 
Franchise training programs must support franchise owners that own several franchises.

Franchise employees are unknown
Corporate LMSs rely on a feed from an HRIS system to manage users. Franchise training programs do not have the luxury of an HRIS system.

Employees work at mulitple franchises
Corporate training programs only have to worry about employees that have one job, work for one manager at one employer and have one career path.
Franchise employees work at multiple franchises in multiple roles for multiple employers both simultaneously and throughout their careers.

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