Giordano's hands-on training approach
By Janay Robinson


Saline, Mich., November 25, 2015 -  Giordano's has the best pizza in Chicago. No really, they do. Giordano's was named "Best Pizza in Chicago" by Chicago Magazine and have been serving up great pizza since 1974. Efren and Joseph Boglio, the founders and immigrant brothers, are famously known as one of the originators of the Chicago-style stuffed deep-dish pizza. Since then, Giordano's has been internationally recognized for their fresh ingredients and very friendly staff. Franchising since 2012, Giordano's currently houses 31 franchise locations and operates 25 corporate units.

How does Giordano's train its franchisees?
Giordano's franchise training is centered around hands-on teaching, learning and experience. Eric Brown, Vice President of Franchise Development commented, "Our business, the pizza business, is so detailed. We've found that hands on training is our best avenue for training."

New franchisees undergo a seven week training program. The first 4-5 weeks of training is offered at Giordano's headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. "During their time in Chicago, our Executive Chef, full training team, and several general managers are involved throughout the whole training process," added Brown. Utilizing a combination of hands-on, classroom and eLearning training new franchisees develop the technical and managerial skills necessary to run a successful business. During this period franchisees will also learn preparation of food, personnel hiring, training and motivating, inventory procedures, daily operations, sales and marketing, administration and management.

The final 2-3 weeks of training is spent at the franchisee's new location. These couple of weeks include pre-opening training and opening preparation with Giordano's training team. The training team is present for the grand opening and offers one week of post-opening training and support at the franchisee's new restaurant. 

To ensure training is successful, Giordano's offers continued support. Brown says, "The Director of Operations and the training team is in constant contact with the franchise location and reviews their training. They address strengths, weaknesses, areas of improvement, and so much more". Giordano offers operational and marketing support, and promises to provide whatever else is needed to run a successful business.

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