How to Add A Course
By John Schroeder


How to Customize Your LMSWe know LMS administrators need knowledge so they can facilitate learning for others. If you havent already visited our YouTube Channel , we invite you to take a look. It's the perfect venue to learn all you can about the many powerful features of the Latitude Learning LMS and how to best utilize them in your workflow. Each training video illustrates the key steps needed to perform a variety of important administrator tasks including adding or editing courses, viewing reports and customization. Today we highlight an essential administrator task for managing your LMS:


How to Add a Course
Adding a course will be one of the first items you'll want to complete when implementing your LMS. We've created a quick 8 minute video, which includes both a general overview of the LMS and specific instructions for LMS portal administrators on adding new courses. It will show you how to create and edit courses as well as set course types and availabilty. It's a great place to start building your course catalog and putting your e-learning strategy into action. 

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