International Woman’s Day #BalanceForBetter
By Sonia Gottfried


As the world celebrates International Woman’s Day, so does Latitude CG with 40% of Latitude’s employees represented by females.

“From the outside in, you may see Latitude has twelve female employees, which is well above average in the software industry. But what I see are twelve hard-working, dedicated employees of various roles across all departments that are essential to the success of Latitude. I hold all my employees to the same high-achieving standards, male and female alike. My hope is that one day workers around the world are held to the quality of their work rather than defined by their gender,” said Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG.
  • Navaneetha Battu
  • Regina Beckham
  • Sonia Gottfried
  • Caroline Lorenz
  • Brooke Oprsal
  • Emily Ressler
  • Janay Robinson
  • Sarah Robinson
  • Jill Schultz
  • Heather Straw
  • Jyotsna Valluri
  • Sue Wenning

About Latitude CG
Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the platform LMS and base to LatitudeConnect the software that drives channel performance. Over 3 million people across 10,000 organizations have used LatitudeLearning to manage training.

Train More People with Less Effort: LatitudeLearning, an industry leader that drives performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement, is a technology first company striving to ensure that customers get the full benefit of the underlying systems and solutions that they are investing in. With the continuous change in platform capabilities and emerging trends such as mobile it is important that organizations have a solid foundation to operate from.


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