IPG Doesn’t Train, They Edutain
By Sara Trzemzalski


What Is Edutainment? Find Out Here!

Corky Brabbs is familiar with helping his clients and partners with various marketing and design projects through IPG (Ideas Plus Group), but his expertise also expands to high-quality training. Training is one thing, but altering a person’s behavior within a specific area is a challenge because everyone comprehends and learns differently. This is how true training should work, according to IPG.

When it comes to developing your training, even with OEM training, Corky firmly believes that you should consider the following questions:
  • How do you engage the person you’re wanting to train? 
  • How do you keep yourself from simply telling them what you want them to know or learn?
  • Have they taken any ownership by saying or doing the task on which they will be trained on?
  • How confident are you with this person’s experience and background?
  • Do you think this person can teach others with a similar experience and background?
  • Are you willing to participate in multiple training sessions? 

Training effectiveness can also be heavily influenced by its execution. There are lots of training sessions, camps and conferences available for just about any market—but how many of them are truly valuable? How many of them do you leave knowing you really learned something new to apply or implement for your company? Was your training not in one ear and out the other? 

That’s where Corky’s idea of “Edutainment” comes into play and can make a huge difference.

“A person who is entertained while learning will retain a lot more,” Corky explains. “If you couple that with the idea of them taking ownership, by either saying or doing what you’re training them to do, they’ll want more and will want to come back.”

With having the idea of making training unique, it also means no training IPG does is the same for every client. What works for one company simply may not work at another, but that’s what makes the IPG experience stand out from others. While Corky knows a lot of different market and sales areas, he will admit to potential clients if he doesn’t have the right experience, expertise or background in certain industries to set-up competent training. This makes his company stand out in a positive way.

Another important element to their “Edutainment” is having fun. During their sessions, attendees will be engaged, laughing a lot, and interacting with one another or dividing into groups to solve problems or questions. “They come up with the answers,” Corky admits. “We don’t give them answers, we have them work together and create them.”

This approach to training has led to some great wins for IPG, but it also proves that they’re onto something big. Corky will be the first to tell you that they’ve had to “prove themselves” for some major clients, but he doesn’t mind that at all. In retrospect, he thinks it should happen more often so clients are aware of what kind of training would happen if they decided to work with one another and will be confident in their potential partnership.

In closing, Corky shared what matters most to them as a company, “Our sole purpose with the people coming are leaving as better people than when they came and have the knowledge to help other people that will begin to change their behavior for the better.”

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