Latitude CG attends Cleveland's 2016 Franchise Expo
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude, an industry leader in partner performance and home of the LatitudeLearning, visited Clevaland's Franchise Expo on April 16, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. The expo provided a platform for one-on-one exchanges with representatives from very successful franchises nationwide.

Sonia Gottfried, staff writer of Latitude's Franchise Training Series, had the opportunity to interview and meet several franchisors on training practices offered to their franchisees. As the Franchise Industry continues to grow, training practices are becoming more of a conversation topic for potential franchise buyers. 

Be on alert to upcoming franchise training articles from this expo.

Since July, Latitude CG has published several dozen articles featured in Latitude's Connection Blog. To read what each franchise representative had to share, make sure to sign up for our monthly Franchise T.E.A. newsletter which is about the three behaviors that differentiate high performing Franchises from low performing: Training, Engagement and Analytics.


Latitude CG, home of Latitude Learning, an industry leader that drives performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement provides a compelling newsletter for franchisors about the behaviors that drive performance. Franchise TEA is a newsletter about the three behaviors that differentiate between high performing franchises from low performing franchises, Training, Engagement and Analytics.