Latitude congratulates Promise Igodo as our annual loyalty contest winner
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude CG extends a huge congratulations to Promise Igodo of Nestoil Limited.

Igodo is the winner of a $100 gift card to a merchant of his choice in our 2018 annual Loyalty Contest. We had dozens of entries, all of which where entered for a chance to win. Igodo was selected randomly at a company gathering in mid-January.

Igodo, an LMS training administrator of Nestoil Limited provide a testimonial about his experience with LatitudeLearning that was later including in this blog post. Please click here to get the full story.  For your convenience, below are the highlighted testimonials.

  • According to Nestoil Limited, Latitude's provides a unique platform that offer several important features such as merits, over the competition. Promise Igodo, an LMS Admistrator at Nestoil Limted said LatitudeLearning is "pretty easy to deploy and provides the metrics needed."

  • When asked how LatitudeLearning eliminated frustrations in Nestoil Limited training program, Igodo responded, "traditional in-class training overhead has been reduced, time for class room set-up has been truncated and energy can now be diverted to other essential office services."

  • Now at Nestoil Limited workers can learn at their convenience which has added value to their jobs. "Implementing the LMS in our training program provides a level training field for participants who do not have the expendable resources such as time and money to learn from their computers," said Igodo.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! The 2019 Loyalty contest is currently underway. We welcome all new entry.
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