Latitude Offers The Best LMS For Park 'N Fly
By Alison Huff


Latitude CG, the software company behind the LatitudeLearning LMS, announces a new client, Park 'N Fly, an off-airport parking company operating throughout the United States. Park ‘N Fly is a division of Park Holding Inc. which also includes Park ‘N Play, Park ‘N Care, and Park ‘N Stay. All of these organizations will be accessing the LMS, which has been branded as “Park ‘N Learn”.



With 15 company-owned parking lots and over 80 affiliates in the US and more than 600 Internationally, Park 'N Fly is unifying the independent policies and on-site procedures of their locations to ensure greater stability throughout the customer experience.

“Maintaining consistency in the customer experience is extremely challenging," said Jeff Brodsky, Director of Operational Excellence at Park 'N Fly. "That was a big part of what our objective was: to consolidate a lot of our training resources.”

Latitude strikes "a balance between capabilities and cost," according to Brodsky, who added that Latitude is "the best I can find" to suit the company's needs. Being a relatively small company, budget is a primary concern for Park 'N Fly, as is finding someone who has the upfront training to assist him along the learning curve.

Park 'N Fly's Experience With Latitude So Far
“Because it’s a rich system, there’s a lot of challenges to learning it, there’s a lot of options, and that means there’s a lot of things to learn,” said Brodsky. Latitude has been incredibly responsive, easing Brodsky through the initial learning phase of a "fairly complex process and taking me up that vertical learning curve relatively painlessly."

The investment Park 'N Fly's has put forth into their training program was important not just to those who will be accessing the training or the customers who receive the services, but also to those within the organization.  "It’s been well-received by the CEO and the Vice President of Operations, and the people that are really central stakeholders in it."

Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG, is pleased to hear the sentiment, adding that, "Latitude is committed to helping businesses like Park 'N Fly and their enthusiastic response is an encouraging testament to the work that we do and the solutions that we provide."

About Park 'N Fly
In business since 1967, Park 'N Fly offers More Than Just Parking™ with convenience and excellent service to its customers, 24 hours a day. Park 'N Fly provides a safe and secure parking lot with prompt pickup from the customer's car followed by shuttle transportation to the customer's airport terminal, culminating in a stress-free parking experience for air travelers. Various locations also offer additional services that include car washes, pet boarding, valet parking, covered parking, luggage assistance, dry cleaning, and Frequent Parker benefits. Park 'N Fly is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

About LatitudeCG
Latitude CG has been in the business of providing LMS solutions designed to manage training programs for companies throughout the world for more than 30 years. With a primary focus on Training, Engagement, and Analytics, Latitude CG's comprehensive LatitudeLearning LMS delivers effective training programs for the employees and associates of franchises, dealerships, and other affiliates. More than 300 million people have successfully used Latitude Learning's LMS. For more information about Latitude Learning, visit

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