Latitude: an important piece to Pat Carver Media’s success
By Sonia Gottfried


Decision to use Latitude came down to flexibility and customization

SALINE, Mich., August 8, 2015 –Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leader in partner performance and the home of the LatitudeConnect Suite fit the specific needs of Pat Carver Media in a comprehensive Learning Management System with diverse functionality.

Originally in 2007 Pat Carver Media began to market the hospice volunteer training through DVD sets and manuals. Pat Carver Media’s video portal worked well from the time it was introduced in 2010, but eventually it was requested to have a competency online presence.  It wasn’t until 2014 where online video training for hospice volunteers was offered and a need for a Learning Management System was sought.

“Latitude best met my training needs and my budget.  Although Latitude is a bit complex and has a learning curve, that is what makes it so functional and versatile. The complexity behind the scenes allows the screens to be very simple and user friendly,” said Pat Carver, Owner of Pat Carver Media.

Latitude does an amazing job at gathering insight from its clients and customizing the needs appropriately.

“We rely on customers to help guide our product development, business strategy and service. It has been customers like Pat Carver Media that continue to push us and challenge us to become a better LMS provider.” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter.

Decision making process
Pat Carver Media did extensive research before selecting a Learning Management System. According to Carver some systems seemed to work best for in-house business training; others worked well for selling training for the general public; other the pricing was prohibitive for longer training segments; some systems were very easy to use, but did not offer the functionality needed. Latitude had the mix of all the right components for Pat Carver Media.

  • Ease of use: Many of the users are older adult volunteers with little to no computer experience, so providing ease-of-use is crucial.
  • Pricing: Hospice volunteer departments work with limited budgets.
  • Validation of progress: The need to provide access to each volunteer’s coordinator for their particular organization. This allows the coordinator to check on the status of someone’s progress, their scores and allows them to print reports for documentation of training.

“Latitude gave me the flexibility I needed.  I like that I can customize my log in page and the landing page for learners, keeping it very simple.  The initial training was very useful and helped get me up to speed quickly. And, the pricing structure allows me to start slow and grow the program,” said Pat Carver.

Latitude is a critical part of Pat Carver Media’s future growth and development
Latitude will allow Pat Carver Media to move into the next phase of business. This includes less paper and more online functionality for hospice volunteer coordinators.

At this point, Pat Carver Media has one course on the system developed with Adobe Captivate specifically for Latitude. It has been well received by hospices and includes scored competencies and a downloadable certificate of completion.

Currently, Pat Carver Media is in the process of transitioning 16 segments “Volunteer Training Series” to Latitude’s LMS. Again, Adobe Captivate is used to create the segments and incorporate the competencies.

“Getting the first course up and running was a great benefit as I could see how the system worked and be sure that Latitude was the right choice for me, said Pat Carver. “I am excited to transition my primary Training Series to Latitude. I will be able to offer different groupings of the segments to meet various training needs, such as using the same segments as part of initial volunteer orientation, annual reviews, or in-services. This will allow me to market the training for different purposes.”

Pat Carver Media is also looking forward to developing new topics in the coming years. Although, volunteer coordinators and their volunteers are not always computer savvy, in time they will want more and more features in regard to training and will come to expect on‐line competencies and reports.

About Pat Carver Media
Pat Carver Media offers training to hospice volunteers across the country. The system of training materials was developed to offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of both large and small Medicare certified hospice programs. Pat Carver Media offers a system of study materials developed specifically for hospice volunteers and designed to complement and work with the volunteer training processes. The Hospice Volunteer Training curriculum has been available nationwide since 2007.

For more information about Pat Carver Media visit

About Latitude
Latitude Consulting Group is an industry leader that drives partner performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement. Latitude is a technology first company striving to ensure that customers get the full benefit of the underlying systems and solutions that they are investing in. With the continuous change in platform capabilities and emerging trends such as mobile it is important that organizations have a solid foundation to operate from.

Over 3 million people across 6,000 organizations have used Latitude’s learning management system. For more information about Latitude please visit

About the Author   Sonia Gottfried, Connection staff writer & editor
  Sonia Gottfried is the editor and content writer for Latitude's Connection Newsletter. Gottfried contributed  news articles, info graphics and page design skills as a journalist for a daily newspaper for a dozen years prior to her landing in Latitude's Saline, Michigan office. She received her B.S. from Ball State University in journalism and her M.B.A from Eastern Michigan University in marketing. Currently, Gottfried oversees communication efforts at Latitude and resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For more information about Sonia follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook and visit her LinkedIn page.

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