LatitudeLearning Acquires New Client: Greyston
By Sara Trzemzalski


Latitude Learning’s LMS platform will help Greyston train their employees for long term career development and growth.

LatitudeLearning announces their recent signing of a new client, Greyston. Greyston, New York’s first registered Benefit Corporation, has one focus: make people a priority for social change with their delectable brownies, which you may have enjoyed in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or during an international flight with Delta Airlines. Creating a partnership with LatitudeLearning enables Greyston to use their exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) to accomplish new employee training, along with ongoing skill development.

Ann Higgs, Director of Learning and Development, spent a lot of time researching different LMS vendors to ensure they would find the right one one that could achieve their goal, which was to centralize all their learning materials in one place, along with knowing that not every employee has access to a computer every day.

“We knew we had to find an LMS that could be mobile ready,” Ann said. “This way, we could load the LMS up on a tablet and have a variety of delivery methods to ensure everyone would learn what they need to and on time.”

Additionally, while their team was curious about how the LMS’ administration side would work, the technology’s reporting abilities, licensing costs and more, it finally came down to finding a platform that would provide a seamless user experience and that’s where LatitudeLearning stood out amongst other LMS vendors, just like Greyston stands out among other companies regarding their hiring process.

“We’re really unique with our open hiring model,” Ann explained. “If you want a job with us, all you need to do is come into the bakery and provide your name to get on our hiring list. When a job opens, we call the next person on the list and have them come in to start—no questions asked, no interview and no background check required.”

Once the new employee successfully completes their paid apprenticeship program they will transition to a full-time employee. It’s that simple and makes a huge impact to not only the onboarding employees, but their community. From this open hiring process, it’s not uncommon for some new employees to have training or education gaps and this is where they hope their new LMS can help. By training these newcomers, they will be able to continue advancing them into new roles with more responsibilities to achieve career growth.

Ultimately, by the fourth quarter of 2018, Ann is hoping to start training their team on how to use their new LMS from Latitude Learning, along with teaching others how to use it effectively and creating career pathways for their employees to pursue long term career development at Greyston.

About Greyston
Greyston bakes 34,000 pounds of brownies every day and ship them to Ben & Jerry’s for some of their best-loved ice cream flavors. Greyston meets the highest industry standards as a Unilever supplier, and their brownies are featured on Delta Airlines international flights, and they produce award-winning brownies for sale at Whole Foods Market. They hire every one of our bakers without asking any questions or making any judgements. Their Open Hiring Model creates opportunities for individuals who face barriers to employment.

About Latitude CG
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