LatitudeLearning launches new look & feel of LMS
By Janay Robinson


LatitudeLearning is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed stylesheet.

You spoke. Latitude listened. The LatitudeLearning community desired for an updated “look & feel” of the LMS. Our engineers eagerly went to work on designing a more modern, refreshed looking stylesheet. Good news – we are done! Great news – current and new LatitudeLearning portals have access.

Jeff Walter, CEO of Latitude CG, was very eager to present the updated stylesheet to LatitudeLearning users. He had this to say, “This was a project that both our learning community and Latitude staff was very excited about. In the future we will be doing more updating and improving of the ‘Latitude Experience’, but for now this is a strong first step.”

New to LatitudeLearning? Getting started in an updated portal is easy. Simply sign up for a free LMS portal. Follow the instructions prompted through your email once you submit your form. When you have completed all instructions and your portal has been created, log-in and you will be greeted with the updated styling.

Have an existing LatitudeLearning portal? Follow these steps:

1. Log into your portal.

2. Travel to Site Management > Edit Stylesheets.

3. In the Stylesheet File field select Stylesheet. Note: the stylesheet that populates in the Stylesheet field after making this selection is the current stylesheet your LatitudeLearning portal is using. We strongly recommend you save a copy of this code. Once you replace your LMS stylesheet, you will not be able to recover this code.

4. Select the box next to the text Use the selected template to replace stylesheet.css. This action will allow you to select an option from the field above named Stylesheet Templates.

5. From the Stylesheet Templates field select either default-framed or default-full. The default-framed stylesheet places the LMS in a 1200px wide container - which is most likely the width your current stylesheet allows. The default-full does not have width restrictions.

6. After making your selection, click Submit.

7. Once your page refreshes and you receive an 'Edit Successful' alert, your stylesheet update is complete.

You are done! The look of your portal should now be updated. You may need to refresh you cache if you don’t see immediate changes. Below is a screenshot of the homepage using an updated stylesheet.

Have an LMS enhancement idea you would like to suggest? Submit your suggestion here.
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