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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version was promoted to production on Sunday, June 24, 2018. 



Favorite Tools: The Administration page was enhanced with the addition of a new Favorite Tools feature, which allows users with access to the Administration  icon the ability to build an ordered list of LMS pages they visit most. Using simple drag-and-drop technology, these users can create a personalized navigation menu that is mobile-friendly and accessible any time from the global header.  Access to each LMS feature is still determined by a user's highest Role assignment, so users will only be provided Favorite Tool options already listed in their Administration "My Learning Center" menu. For more information on using the Favorite Tools feature, click HERE.

Navigation Page:  The header Navigation page icon became available for all LMS portals with the exception of those paid customers who opted out via previous communications with their account manager.  Portal administrators can control the icons available to all users on this page by using the Navigation Page Editor.  Note: Some icons, like Reports, My People, and Approvals, can be displayed but will only be revealed to users with the roles and positions that qualify them to see the same options on the Classic Home page. Portal administrators can also control their user experience from the LMS Information page by establishing the Login Landing and Home pages they prefer their users to see.

  • To learn how to modify the Navigation page using the Navigation Page Editor, click HERE.
  • To learn how to set the Login Landing Page and Home Page, click HERE.

Courses to Complete - Cancel Enrollment: Removed the pop-up acknowledgement message that appeared after a user clicked Cancel for an enrollment. Users were required to click a confirmation, then click to close the acknowledgement. It has been replaced with an on-page acknowledgement. 

CC Immediate Managers on Messages: We modified the Messages functionality so that a student's manager can be copied (CC'd) on the message, regardless of the manager's role as long as the manager is the student's direct manager.

Language Translation: We implemented the initial framework for a German translation of the LMS. While it has been activated and is available, please note that translations are still under review in the production environment to ensure quality and completeness. We expect the completed German translation to be available by July 9.

Messages - Deletion Confirmation: We replaced the confirmation pop-up Removed Successfully with an on-page confirmation.

New LMS Setup: Removed all language-specific HTML content files for new LMS instances being created.  They will now only be generated with the following HTML files:  Custom_Left_Navhome_pagelogin_page, and register_page

Reporting: Added additional standard and advanced filters for User Groups.

Resources - HTML Content: We added a resource type page that allows links to an HTML content page.


Discount Codes: Added the ability to use discount codes during the Enroll Other - Quick Enroll process, but only if one user is enrolled at a time. When multiple users are selected, the Discount Code payment option will not be displayed.

Enroll Others - Quick Enroll: Added an error message upon submission of comma-separated usernames to prevent continuing the process if there are extra commas between usernames or a comma after the last username in the list.

LMS Information: Aligned Payment Information fields with other fields on the page.

  • Ensured there are standard on-page messages for the Report List, Report Results, and Scheduled Reports tab when there is no data to display on them.
  • Updated Scheduled Reports to require selection of a day of the week when specifying a "Weekly" frequency  or a date for a "Monthly" frequency.
  • Added site text to the Schedule Report widget indicating Reports run daily between the hours of 12 AM and 6 AM ET. 
  • On the Scheduled Reports tab, corrected an issue in which the tab was was not staying highlighted during Edit Report Schedule if the user attempted to navigate away without saving, then answered "No" to the navigation confirmation message.

Resources: Corrected an issue in which resources with a space in the filename would upload properly but would not successfully open or launch.

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