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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version was promoted to production on Sunday, August 5, 2018.


Training Goal AssignmentWe are pleased to announce the release of two new features that simplify the process of assigning certification Training Goals to your learners.  

  • Goal Rules: Portal Administrators can use a new workflow wizard to create Goal Rules that automatically assign one or more certifications to a defined user population. Rules can be run on a scheduled basis or executed on demand. While the existing Goal Transitions process is still available, using Goal Rules offers a fresh approach that makes the process of assigning training goals easy to automate and maintain. To learn more, CLICK HERE.
  • Assign Goals: LMS managers can use a similar workflow wizard to assign mandatory training to their people in an ad hoc fashion. For instructions on this feature, CLICK HERE.

Certification and Manage Goal Menus: These enhancements prompted a change to the certification-related entries on the Administration page left-navigation menu.  All functions related to setting up Certifications or Curricula are now found under the new Certifications menu, and all those related to Training Goals are under a new Manage Goals menu. Existing features were not removed, just rearranged into a more logical structure. 

Certification Goal Cleanup Process: Added a job to remove manually-assigned goals for users if they no longer meet certification rules.


Administration Left Navigation Menu >  Site Management: Corrected the link displayed for the LatitudeLearning Customer Portal under the Site Management menu. It was displaying another instance of LMS Information, while it was correctly linking to the customer support portal.


  • Added a validation check during the creation of a new position codes that tests case-insensitivity for duplicates. Codes must be a unique value regardless of case.
  • Corrected error caused when attempting to sort Position Search Results by clicking the Position Group heading.


  • Fixed tab label translations for the Report List, Report Results, and Scheduled Reports.
  • Fixed issue where if language was not English - certain actions would refresh the page and default back to English instead of keeping selected language.
  • Update Report Scheduling to allow Range Start and End Dates that are the same. Also added site text to state Reports run daily between the hours of 12:00 AM and 6:00 AM ET
  • Corrected issue with Schedule Reports tab not staying highlighted in Edit mode after attempting to navigate away without saving, then answering "No" to the navigation confirmation message.
  • Fixed issue in which adding or editing a Report Schedule, then removing the Standard filters and saving the schedule again, was not saving the schedule with no filters.

Translations: Provided translations in all languages for recently reported gaps.

What's New Page: Fixed an issue with the page not properly displaying based on the position group assigned on the user's profile.

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