LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version was promoted to production on Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Resolved Issues

Goals: Corrected a situation in which an achieved course goal was revoked and reassigned after a user accidentally enrolled in and completed the course a second time.

Translations: Corrected and filled gaps in translations for pages related to Skill Areas and Skill Levels.

My Team/Goals

  • Corrected these pages to display a manager's employee list based on all the user's profiles, not just the currently active profile.
  • Corrected to allow unscoped view for users with an Administrator role in portals with a person-to-person hierarchy enabled.

Stylesheet: Reduced gray border padding to improve display of .aspx pages on mobile devices.

User Search: In user search, (including user filtering on Batch Enrollment, Audience, Announcements), corrected behavior of "User Reports Up to" criterion to limit displayed results to the location in which the superior/subordinate relationship exists.

Virtual Classroom Offerings: Updated to allow the meeting host/instructor to add an offering with a past start time and still be able to Launch As Instructor as long as the offering time-frame is still active.

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