LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version was promoted to production on Sunday, February 17, 2019.


My Team: 

  • Corrected to allow a logged-in user to select his/her own name in the User filter type-ahead for both positional and person-to-person managerial reporting.
  • Updated to ensure that in position-based managerial reporting, a logged-in manager with multiple profiles can find employees across profiles in the User filter type-ahead.
  • For reporting related to My Team - In portals with position-based management reporting, we updated the standard Position filter to display subordinate positions associated with a manager across all of his or her active profiles, not just the primary profile or the profile activated at the time.

User Groups: Updated to prevent the Edit User Group - Employees tab from showing users with end-dated User Group connections.

User Search: Corrected a situation in which a portal administrator was not able to find Inactive users in type-ahead fields or with criterion User Account = Inactive.

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