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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS. Version was promoted to production on Sunday, March 3, 2019.


We are pleased to announce several new enhancements to the LatitudeLearning LMS.

My Team - Release #2:  This release further enhances the My Team feature by improving access to user-related details and team goal pages and configurable options.

  • On the My Team   page, we added User Details that are expandable by clicking the User icon. It shows account, profile, and training details. Click the icons within the User Detail section to view the person’s Highest Achieved Certification, Courses to Complete, and Assigned Goals.
  • The My Team – Goals page now opens as a new page within the My Team feature instead of linking out to the separate Goals page.
  • Under Site Management > LMS Information, we pulled all Goal-related settings into a new Goals Configuration section. In it, we added two new settings related to Team Goals, which are enabled by default:
    • Set Team Goals – Controls the visibility of the Goals button for users who manage others.
    • Waive Team Goals – Controls the visibility of the Waive Goals button on the Team Goals page for users who manage others.

For more details about the specific Release #2 updates to My Team included in this post, click HERE.
To learn about all the current My Team features, click HERE.

Reporting: Added User Last Login Date to the list of available standard filters, User-related advanced report filters, and User-related Columns.

User Search: Added Preferred Language as a new criterion for User Search.


Courses to Complete/Legacy Home: Fixed issue causing Failed Assessment transcripts to show on these pages.

Edit Images: Fixed the file upload size limitation to allow the full 10MB stated on the page.


  • Corrected a validation error related to the Earliest Score Date and Due Date entries.
  • Fixed issue in which Due Date filter on Goals and Team Goals pages was disabling the Add Filter button.
  • My Goals - Corrected sort by Due Date in languages using DD/MM/YYYY format.

Location-Active User Limit: Corrected the Location-level user-limitation logic for both Total Active Users and Total Registered Users to consider existing users who are getting a new profile at the restricted location. 

My Team: Updated Department filter to include users who are subordinates based on primary and secondary positions.

Reporting: Updated logic of the Advanced Filter Goal >Days Past Due to ensure Achieved or Waived results are not shown.


  • Unified German translations around Training History between the Classic and New user interfaces.
  • Updated two factor authentication security question prompts with a missing French translation.

Users - Add User: Updated First Name and Last Name fields to strip trailing space characters upon Save.

User Search - View Home Page: Updated to prevent users with Location Administrator role from searching for and viewing the home page of subordinates who are inactive at their organization.

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