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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS. Version was promoted to production on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

Resolved Issues

Courses: Corrected an issue with launching "File" type media resources from the Self-Studies course details page after enrollment.

Goals: When Self-Assigned Goals are enabled, fixed an issue which prevented users with no subordinates from being able to assign themselves a goal.

Home Page: Corrected situation in which setting the Home Page default to "My Team" was not being behaving properly from new Angular pages during user impersonation if the user had no direct reports. They are now re-directed to the Navigation page in such cases.

My Team

  • Updated Courses summary graph to include transcripts with pending statuses in the displayed count.
  • Fixed problem with refreshing the page number displayed after changing the Items per Page setting.
  • Corrected the dashboard graph for Goals to properly recalculate "goal past due" as time passes.

Person-to-Person Management (P2P): With P2P enabled and the Home Page default set to a page requiring subordinates (e.g. My Team, Approvals), we fixed an issue that was preventing the default home from being honored for P2P managers.


  • For entities Course and Course Summary, removed the Advanced Filter for User > Manager Profile Connection Status. It is not necessary because of back-end scoping that is in place.
  • For Report Schedule Standard Filters, updated to remove filters with null values upon Save. This does not affect the setup of Report filters that are not part of a schedule. When running a report from the Report List, however, any standard filters with null values will not be considered in the run and will not show in the list of filters used on the Report Results header information for that particular report.

Training History - Audit Display: Updated display of Attend(Pass) entries and enabled translation of status entries to honor the logged-in user's preferred language selection.

Users: Updated Edit User Profile to allow the user of the Terminate checkbox to end-date Managers, Positions, and Roles on the same day as the Start Date.




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