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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS. Version was promoted to production on Sunday, March 31, 2019.


We are excited to introduce our new Dynamic SCORM Course Shell to your LatitudeLearning experience. With significant changes to both the eLearning Course Details SCORM tab and the LMS Information page, this enhancement encompasses three key elements :

Dynamic SCORM Course Shell: All eLearning courses will launch in a full-size window/tab (target=blank), instead of a fixed dimension popup. Courses developed to be more responsive will now provide a better user experience in all major browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11/Edge, Mozilla FireFox) and will also become more mobile-friendly. This change helps instructional designers take advantage of responsive options in course development, avoid some pop-up blockers, and provides a more uniform course launch experience between the Courses to Complete page and the Classic Home. 

Navigation for Multi-SCO Courses:  If you publish large multi-SCO courses, we have provided an option to enable a built-in navigation menu. It is disabled by default. When enabled, the expandable menu appears on the left side of the course window, providing one-click navigation throughout the course lessons, and a full screen mode option. You can brand the menu using Cascading Style Sheets (*.CSS) and images to provide the same look and feel of your LMS. This can be enabled on a per-course basis or LMS-wide through a new Enable Navigation Menu flag on the Site Management > LMS Information > Course Shell Configuration section. This section also contains an option to override all Navigation Menu settings that have been made at the course level.

System Checker for SCORM Content CompatibilityWhen enabled, this tool allows LMS Administrators to define system requirements for their eLearning content, including supported devices, operating systems, browsers, cookies, and Javascript. It also contains a language selection feature for use on courses that support multiple languages. On course launch, the LMS will display a page that checks the accessing device and informs students whether or not their configuration meets defined requirements. Regardless of pass or fail, students can click Continue to launch the SCORM content. This option can help them understand potential problems they experience working through the course and provides information for the portal administrator to help support course launch issues. This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled on a per-course basis or LMS-wide through a new Enable System Checker flag on the Site Management > LMS Information > Course Shell Configuration section. This section also contains an option to override all System Checker settings made at the course level.  

Click HERE for more details about the features and settings included in this enhancement. For more information about successful eLearning deployment, review our comprehensive document eLearning Courses with SCORM Content.

Resolved Issues

Courses: Fixed an issue requiring users to pay tuition when enrolling in a tuition-based course for which they are already part of a subscription.


  • Corrected an issue in which Report Results were not showing all of the filters used in the header of an executed report.
  • Updated Custom Date logic when running reports: 1) A blank Start Date with stated End Date returns all matching records from the beginning of transcript history through the end date.  2) A stated Start Date with blank End Date returns all matching records from the start date forward.


  • Default Active Days - Fixed an issue in which users with a set Default Active Days had their end-dates change if their organization's end dates changed. Now the user end-date will only change if the organization end-date is prior to the user's end date. 
  • Impersonation - Corrected an issue introduced by the latest Chrome update (Version 73) which caused the "OK" button on the Impersonate and View Home Page confirmation popups to stop working.
  • Instructors - Corrected issues with visibility of Instructor profiles caused by inactivating and reactivating an Instructor role.

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