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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS. Version was promoted to production on Sunday, April 14, 2019.


We are pleased to introduce the following enhancements to the LatitudeLearning LMS:

Training History: We enhanced the Training History page to improve access to completed transcripts information. Users who access Training History from the Navigation page will land by default on a Completed tab which displays a combined list of all the user's Completed Course, Certification, or Curriculum transcripts. From there, Certificates of Completion, when in use, are available via a Download icon in the Actions column. The new page also includes separate All Courses and All Certifications tabs which show a comprehensive list of transcripts in varying statuses that can be sorted by clicking any column heading. To view a transcript's detailed status audit information, click the Type icon next to each course.

User Groups and Profiles: We enhanced the User Group feature to make it intuitive that it is, and has always been, a profile-based assignment, not tied to a user's high level account. We eliminated the User Group tab on the User record and added the ability to associate a User Group on the Profiles tab. It works in the same manner used to apply positions and roles to a particular profile. We also added a new configuration setting to Site Management > LMS Information to govern User Group membership behavior if the user moves between organizations in the LMS. Portal administrators can use the Inactive Profile Groups setting to move user group membership with the user to the new organization or be cancelled with the change. Note that when "Move" is selected and a profile is inactivated, there is a potential lag time of several minutes for the user group to appear in the new profile while the system performs several checks and validations in the background.

Page Standards: A minor update unified the display of column sort arrows to the right of the column header label for the following pages: Messages, My Team (People and Goals), Goals, Assign Goals, Goal Rules, and Training History. Other pages will adopt this as enhancements in progress are released.

resolved issues

Dynamic Course Shell: Fixed a situation in which some courses that worked properly in the Legacy Course Shell would not launch in the Dynamic Course Shell. This was caused by special characters in the SCORM content that were allowed in the original shell, but blocked in the new one. We had recommended that any courses  subject to this issue be temporarily set to launch in the Legacy shell. They may be reverted to "Current Shell" now that the issue is resolved.

Locations: Under the User Registration/Activation section of Location records, updated "Self-Registration" Open and Close dates to  "Registration" Open and Close dates in order to accurately reflect the behavior of the dates preventing registration of new users by any means outside the range.

My People: Updated icon link styles for consistency across pages.

Subscriptions: Corrected error in subscription credit accounting when approving a non-subscriber in a course requiring approval for non-subscribers.

Translations: Updated missing Chinese translations on the legacy Approvals page.


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