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By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS. Version was promoted to production on Thursday, May 9, 2019.



We are pleased to introduce the following enhancements to the LatitudeLearning LMS:

My Team - Edit Profile:  We added a new Edit Profile Action button for each listed user to allow management of an employee's User Group membership directly from the People list. Add or remove the individual from any number of user groups by using the type-ahead list available for each of the listed profiles. This feature replaces the separate User Group page, which has been removed from the My Team view.

My Team - People: Updated filters to provide only active records as values in type-ahead fields.

resolved issues

Announcements: Fixed the Announcements user selection step to enforce the second filter "User Profile is Active".


  • Fixed "Certification already in use" error occurring on Add/Edit Certification. This occurred when toggling between Status = Active and Status = Inactive without refreshing the page.
  • Updated filtering rules so that when a manager/administrator is using View Home Page for a user, inactivate certifications and underlying rules do not display.

Chrome Browser: Fixed issues with Training Calendar, Offering, and Transcript Status expandos that were introduced with the most recent update to Chrome.

Courses to Complete: Corrected issue in which the Self-certified Completion confirmation modal was not processing the completion upon submission.

My Team: 

  • Corrected issues with the Preferred Language filter not displaying the correct list of users.
  • Updated to remove goal assignments and enrollments from the People and Goals pages for courses that are expired or hidden.
  • Updated Custom Date filters on Team Goals to allow:  1) a Blank Start date to pull records from the beginning of time through the stated End Date and 2) a Blank End Date to return records from the stated start date through the end of time. This change also affects the Goals Page.
  • Fixed the display of values in the People page "Assigned" graph. For Goal Due Date = Today, the graph was incorrectly showing the goal in both the 30 Days or Less and the Past Due categories.
  • Updated the My Team Dashboard calculations and the user progress bars to exclude expired course transcripts and course inactivation.
  • Configured User Details so that when a manager views them, it displays the user's profile that establishes the managerial connection to the viewing manager.
  • Updated the People page Organization filter to allow a manager to filter employees by all of their assigned organizations, regardless of whether the organizations fall inside or outside the manager's organizational tree.
  • Corrected errors in behavior of the Organization filter "In Hierarchy/Not In Hierarchy" to ensure correct results.

Person-to-Person (P2P) Reporting: Corrected situation in which deactivating a location in a P2P-based portal was not properly end-dating the users or displaying the correct number of users end-dated in that organization immediately.


  • Corrected implied start date for standard filter date ranges incorporating a blank start date.
  • Made custom date range end dates include a time of 23:59:00 instead of just the date.

User Search

  • Restored (Inactive) designation associated with inactive values displayed in the User and Organization filters.
  • Updated filters for User Groups, Brands, Departments, and Position Groups to include inactive values.

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