LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (
By Jill Schultz


LatitudeCG announces a new release of the LatitudeLearning LMS.  Version was promoted to production on Sunday, July 7, 2019.


Approvals: Corrected so that after approving pending registrations or pending enrollments requiring tuition payment, the manager returns to their original filtered list instead of refreshing the list and removing filters.

Courses to Complete 

  • Corrected issue in which users were able to use the Mark Complete button to self-certify for courses that do not allow it. 
  • Fixed missing Launch button for non-enrolled users when Self-studies courses embedded in Course Groups do not contain launchable content. The button should lead to Course Details where the user can enroll.

Reporting: Fixed issue in which scheduled reports were no longer showing the frequency in the results header information.

User Account Data: Enhanced the user account Affiliation field by adding a field help bubble to explain its purpose and its 255 character limitation. This is a free text field that can be used to capture any additional notes about the person, including employment status, training exemptions, etc. It can be applied during User Import on the User Import template and is available on some Classic Reports, such as Course Enrollments by Publisher.

User Search: Fixed the Last Name search criterion to correctly resolve for names containing an apostrophe (').

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