LMS ENHANCEMENT: Track Meeting Attendance
By Latitude Learning Team


For Classroom type courses, Latitude Learning provides Roster Processing functionality for managing instructor-led training (ILT) sessions (Offerings). Administrators and Instructors use Offering Rosters to track student attendance and enter course transcript status for each user: Pass, Fail, Incomplete, No Show, etc.

However, a single class Offering can include multiple meeting times (e.g. 5 meetings over the course of 5 days), and can host different meeting times for different days. Meeting Times can also be edited after initial setup. To help training administrators understand the total amount of time each student spent in each scheduled training session, Latitude has added a new tab to the Roster called "Record Attendance".

This new tool allows you to:

  • Record user attendance in quarter-hour increments at the meeting level, rather than the offering level.
  • See a summary of attendance for all students by day and total.
  • Make an informed decision about processing the roster and select transcript status all on the same "Process Roster" page.

It's important to note that hours of attendance is not connected to student transcript status. Instructors have complete discretion as to whether or not they want to record number of hours, and how that might inform their decision to set each user's course transcript to pass, fail, incomplete, no show, etc. 

All hours entered on the "Record Attendance" tab are displayed on the "Process Roster" page, so the instructor can see this data when finalizing student attendance records.