LMS Mobile Site - Streamlined for training on the go
By Latitude Learning Team



The Latitude LMS now includes a mobile friendly view targeted primarily toward the student user. When a user accesses the LMS from a mobile device, they will see a simplified and easy-to-use interface. Mobile views are available for all portals without any extra configuration required of the Portal Administrator.

We have worked to streamline the student interface and navigation to its most essential elements. Users are able to Log in, Search Courses, view Home page, My Details information, and training History. Here are the main differences between Full Site and Mobile View options:
  • "Welcome" section is hidden from view, including all HTML home_page content
  • Fonts are normalized for readability
  • Menu selections are minimized throughout for optimal view and simplified functionality
  • Portal customization and branding will remain untouched, ensuring the student’s experience is still the one you intended.
  • All course types are displayed under "Live Courses" and "Self Studies" sections, as users are able to enroll, add to interest list, and complete coursework. NOTE: User testing suggests mobile view will be primarily used for information updating as opposed to taking courses.

Login Page

Shown is the mobile login page, which functions with Two Factor Authentication. Notice there is a button that toggles between Full Site and the Mobile Site. The toggle is activated when mobile is accessed and sets a cookie. The mobile / full site view button is visible on all pages when a mobile device is detected. The website view doesn’t see a mobile toggle until someone went to mobile activating the cookie.

Mobile Login Page

When a device is positioned in landscape mode, the mobile device will automatically display the full site w/ left hand nav. The screen shot below shows the full site view with the mobile button selection enabled.

Full Site Login page

Home Page

The mobile Home page limits users to three options – Home, My Details, and History. The landing page Header has been simplified; Advanced Course Search and Sitemap/User Profile links removed, and Full Site button added for alternate view.

Mobile Home page

The Home tab subsections -- Live Courses, Self Studies, Interest List -- have been simplified to only include Course Name and Action buttons.

Mobile Home page, expanded sections

My Details

Fields on the My Details tab have been reduced to Name, Email, Language, and Password. Portals that have Two Factor Authentication enabled will also display user Security Question and Answer fields.

The "Activate Profile" section that enables users to switch profiles is hidden from view. Therefore, users are only able to access their Default Location via Mobile Site. They must enable Full Site view to toggle between profiles.

Mobile My Details tab

My History

Training history search results are reduced to Course Title and Status (with expandable transcript history). Certification history search results are reduced to Name, Date Added, and Action. Click Print Certificate to download the PDF file to your mobile device.

Mobile History tab

Course Search

Advanced Course Search options are hidden from Mobile View. Results list was shortened to course Name and Description, Delivery Method, and Action.

Mobile Course Search results

When viewing a Classroom type course, the Offerings tab shows all information except Course Major and Offering Status.

Mobile Search Offering results