LMS Roadmap: Key Enhancements Keep LatitudeLearning At The Top Of Its Game Into The New Year
By Jeff Walter


2016 has drawn to a close but it has been an incredibly exciting year for Latitude.

Recent Product Enhancements
We’ve taken great strides in recent weeks to enhance the overall functionality of LatitudeLearning. We've created a Person-to-Person reporting hierarchy, a new structure that allows administrators to set up reporting relationships based on User instead of Position codes. We've also provided a Course Group Delivery Method that allow administrators to bundle multiple courses into a single course for students. We also deployed an Advanced User Search engine that expanded search criteria, giving administrators a way to perform customized, complex queries that yield targeted results, creating a much more effective LMS experience. Last, Unlimited announcement capabilities which allows portal administrators to send out communications without limits to the number of recipients.

Upcoming Releases
Latitude is currently developing solutions that will provide LatitudeLearning with even broader functionality following their implementation:

  • Unlimited Enroll Others will allow administrators to enroll an unlimited number of users in a course, surpassing the current limitation of 100 users.
  • Enhancing Distributions with the ability to define a dynamic set of users so that administrators can create a much more exacting definition of a population. We're renaming the Distributions capability to "Audience" for more general use, which will include the ability to enroll a particular set of people in a course, perform user searches, and send announcements to specific groups of people.
  • Revisions to the Employees page will offer a graphical representation of the goals which have been set for employees as well as the progress they have made.
  • Course Goals will allow managers to set goals for courses and track student progress. Under this system, students will be unable to remove the course goals set by a manager.
  • Open APIs will give clients access to LMS functionality through third party systems, giving them all of the backend functionality of the LMS along with control over the user experience within their existing applications.

Proposed Enhancements
There are a number of ideas that we are exploring to ultimately improve the user experience of our LatitudeLearning:

  • We're coming up with ways to improve Course Cancellation, which includes preventing course cancellations following the cancellation of a profile.
  • We're rolling out Course Topics, which is another way of categorizing courses.
  • Improvements to the Add Interests functionality that will use the Advanced User Search for adding interests.

What's Next (Coming in 2017)

Our organization is dedicated to providing the best LMS for our clients and we’re looking forward to continuing that endeavor through 2017 and beyond.

  • New reporting engine for users to create and save their own reports
  • Re-engineer automated goal assignments with a more robust capabilities
  • Enhance user interface more compatible with the infinite variety of devices
On behalf of Latitude CG, I would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year.!

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