LMS Roadmap: New Approvals Page
By Brooke Oprsal


Hello from Latitude R&D! This is Brooke Oprsal with a monthly update on some of our activities regarding the LatitudeLearning LMS product.

Recent Product Enhancement - New Approvals Page

We recently released a new Approvals page. Training coordinators will now manage employee requests for new account registration, security lockouts, interest list additions, or course enrollments from a single Pending Approvals page, replacing the functionality of three legacy pages.

Access your pending requests directly from the Navigation page via the Pending Approvals icon or from your My Team dashboard. Use the Filter component to refine the list of requests by Organization, Position, or User criteria. Apply "None" to see all. Sort the list by clicking column headers. Notice that each Type of request will display different icons, training information, and Action options.

Course Enrollment -- When a student enrolls in a course that requires approval, it is a manager's responsibility to approve, deny, or pay tuition in order to complete the enrollment request.

Course Interest -- If student is currently ineligible or otherwise unable to enroll in a desired course, they may still express an interest in future enrollment opportunities. Courses set to "Allow Interest List" and "Require Approval" will prompt managers to review such requests, allowing them to determine who should attend the next training session.

User Access -- There are two kinds of user access requests, demarcated by the "Pending Approval" description and "Action" options listed. Click the User icon to expand their account and profile information, before deciding to approve or deny access.

Unlock User -- LatitudeLearning has an Account Lockout security policy. Anyone who fails too many attempts at log in with an incorrect password will be locked out of the system.

User Registration -- A new user wants to register at your LMS organization.

Upcoming Releases

The next enhancement to be released will be a Team Certifications page. The new Team Certifications page allows managers to review who on their team has achieved which level of Certification, and assign goals accordingly.

The following enhancements will complete the Student experience in the new UI, including Team Skills page, a new Featured Courses page with a new tiled based look, and finally a new Course Catalog.

Proposed Enhancements
There are currently 70+ proposed enhancements currently on the list. You can visit the Proposed Enhancement Page and vote for your favorite to get it moved up the list!

What's Coming
We will continue transitioning the Student/Manager experience to the new UI, including Featured Courses, Course Catalog and the Skills page. We’re very excited about our 2019 Roadmap!

About LMS Roadmap Series
This monthly series will keep you informed on improvements and future enhancements that will make your LMS experience even more powerful.

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