LMS Roadmap: New Manager Workflow
By Brooke Oprsal


Hello from Latitude R&D! This is Brooke Oprsal with a monthly update on some of our activities regarding the LatitudeLearning LMS product.

Recent Product Enhancement - New Manager Workflow - My Team Page
LatitudeLearning is creating a new manager workflow on the Angular platform, to replace the legacy ASPX2 pages. The first release will go live 12/9/18 with a new “My Team” page on the Angular platform to replace the legacy ASPX2 page (/hr/user/my_employees2.aspx). This new page will provide an employee list based on the logged in user’s Organizational and Reporting Hierarchy oversight across all active profiles. It will include training summary graphs, navigation tabs, user filters, and a results list with user detail and action buttons.

Upcoming Releases
During the first quarter of 2019 we will be launching Release 2 of the New Manager Workflow, in which we will be enhancing the new My Team page. There will be an expando with further details on your team members, and fly-outs showing details of your team’s Courses to Complete, Goals and Certifications achieved.

Proposed Enhancements
There are currently 70+ proposed enhancements currently on the list. You can visit the Proposed Enhancement Page and vote for your favorite to get it moved up the list!

What’s Coming
In the following months we will be releasing the ability to distribute reports, a new gamification feature to show at what level people are certified, and a leaderboard, to track the progress against your peers.

About LMS Roadmap Series
This monthly series will keep you informed on improvements and future enhancements that will make your LMS experience even more powerful.

About LatitudeCG
Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the channel LMS and base to LatitudeConnect the software that drives channel performance. Over 3 million people across 10,000 organizations have used LatitudeLearning to manage training.


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