LMS Roadmap: Reports Utilize Direct Reporting Scoping Logic
By Brooke Oprsal


Hello from Latitude R&D! This is Brooke Oprsal with a monthly update on some of our activities regarding the LatitudeLearning LMS product.

Recent Product Enhancement - Reports Utilize Direct Reporting Scoping Logic
On June 9, 2019, LatitudeLearning enhanced the LMS reporting engine with improved scoping logic for Direct Reporting structures, allowing managers and administrators to export training history for everyone on their team.

To grant a user administrative or managerial oversight, Portal Administrators can choose between two different types of reporting relationships between LMS users: A Position Code hierarchy or a Direct Reporting or Person-to-Person structure. The Position Code hierarchy uses a combination of Position relationships and Organization assignments to determine who is responsible for managing others at any given location. With Person-to-Person reporting, a user may have zero, one, or multiple managers across multiple locations, reflecting the way many organizations are structured today.

Upcoming Releases
In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a few minor enhancements that will allow for exporting of Training History, User Search, Audience and the My People page into Excel, CSV or PDF.

The next major enhancement to be released will be a Team Certifications page. The new Team Certifications page allows managers to review who on their team has achieved which level of Certification, and assign goals accordingly.

The following enhancements will complete the Student experience in the new UI, including Team Skills page, a new Featured Courses page with a new tiled based look, and finally a new Course Catalog.

Proposed Enhancements
There are currently 70+ proposed enhancements currently on the list. You can visit the Proposed Enhancement Page and vote for your favorite to get it moved up the list!

What's Coming
We will continue transitioning the Student/Manager experience to the new UI, including Featured Courses, Course Catalog and the Skills page. We’re very excited about our 2019 Roadmap!

About LMS Roadmap Series
This monthly series will keep you informed on improvements and future enhancements that will make your LMS experience even more powerful.

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