Local Search Masters Makes Digital Marketing Personal
By Sara Trzemzalski


Chris Conlee, Chief Operating Officer of Local Search Masters, understands the importance of how a personal touch makes a difference—even in digital marketing. Local Search Masters is a full service digital marketing agency that started in 2017 and continues to grow strong in the Franchise Industry.

Their agency specializes in the following areas for their primary clients, who are often franchisors and their franchisees:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Website Design & Building
Throughout the years, they’ve worked with over 4,200 franchise locations for national brands throughout the country. With each client they work with, they learn more about how they can improve their performance in various areas. This is one of the reasons why Local Search Masters is great to work with, they go above and beyond a traditional digital marketing agency.

Chris explains that one of their main goals is to really help improve brand performance. They do this by constantly pushing communications with their clients in different platforms. Their team can show their clients which advertisements and communications their customers are seeing and ensuring that brand parameters are being upheld. By providing their clients documentation that hold important information and can be easily transferable, they can share these resources with their internal and customer-facing team members. This includes any form of marketing collateral, advertisements, promotions or offers, along with content. By sharing this information with their customer-facing team members, they in turn can handle inquiries smoother and how to properly interact and respond to their customers.

They share this information using a few different methods, which includes a Learning Management System and a customized dashboard. Selected staff and franchise owners have access to see things, such as ads and content being posted to social profiles. Local Search Masters are very proactive when it comes to relaying information, ranging from content or advertising calendars, offer updates and more. Each owner or staff member is invited to email these items to other relevant team members or print them off and post in the workplace.

The dashboard also lets them see engagement from customers in real time to see which ads customer leads interact with or called from. This platform has a unique phone recording system to record conversations tied to specific ads, which can allow valuable training opportunities on how someone interacts with an individual and how to improve their performance. It also relays a quick voice notification to the staff member answering a call that it’s coming from a paid ad, so they understand it’s a strong lead or inquiry and can better prepare for that incoming call.

Chris agrees that determining who needs direct access to all these details in the dashboard is something to consider, but he commonly sees franchise owners and their managers given access. From there, either of them can pull out any key documents or items to directly share with the rest of their team via email, team meeting or posting it in the business location.

When Chris or his team notice another brand’s franchisee location doing something exceptionally well, they want to share it.

“It’s usually just the little things,” Chris shared. “Something as simple as saying who they are, which brand location they called and providing more of an introduction can make a big impact on the customer’s experience.”

It’s also why working with multiple locations of a brand is beneficial, whenever they see a best practice happening, they can share it with the other locations to improve the brand’s overall performance. Overall, you need a personal touch in communication, whether it’s in a printed advertisement or an online social media post. By acknowledging the consumer on a call or returning an email promptly, franchise brands have the power to leave them with a positive impression of their brand—regardless if a sale happens that day or in the future.

About Local Search Masters
Local Search Masters powers digital solutions that advance the purpose of passionate people. They pursue innovation at the intersection of proven marketing philosophies and tomorrow’s technology. Their culture aims to inspire bold strategies and to take pride in the results produced. Local Search Masters hold in highest regard the trust placed in them to cultivate success with pure transparency. For more information, visit localsearchmasters.com.

About our Training Series
As part of our own expansion and growth, we’re excited to continue our training series. This series encompasses a wide variety of channel topics designed to help channel partners gain knowledge of successful business practices.

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