Locate and Enroll in a Course
By Jeff Walter


How to Enroll in a Course

This six-minute training video explains how students can enroll in Latitude Learning LMS courses made available to them. It will demonstrate how to:

  • Update your personal information
  • Search the Course Catalog
  • Select and enroll in courses

You can also review the step-by-step information below to learn more about enrolling in courses.


There are several ways to locate a course from the LMS Home page. Utilize your "Course Search" options, or enroll in coursework that has been designated by your LMS administrator as "Featured Courses" or "Available Subscription Courses".

Options for Searching Courses

There are two course search options available. You can access both from any page in your LMS portal. 
  • In the upper right corner of the window, in the Course Search field, enter all or part of the course name or course code. Click Search to produce a list of matching results. You may also click Advanced Search to open the Search Courses page for more options.  
  • In the left navigation menu under Courses, click Search Courses. This also opens the Search Courses page. 


The Search Courses Page

After you select Search Courses from the left navigation menu or Advanced Search link in the upper right corner of the window, the Search Courses page opens. 

  1. Enter your search criteria in the fields provided. You may enter all or part of the Course Name, Description, or Course Code. You can also select a Major or Delivery Method to reduce unwanted results.
  2. Click Search. The system will display matching results.

Featured and Subscription Courses

LMS administrators can designate lists of Featured Courses and Available Subscription Courses, which display on your portal Home page. If the course in which you want to enroll is listed, click View Details to learn more about the course and to begin the enrollment process.

Student Home page with Featured Course and Subscription Course lists.


To enroll in an Assessment, eLearning or Self-Study course:

1. Click Enroll next to the course in which you want to enroll. 

Administrators also have the option to click Enroll Others and enroll students in batches, or by individual Username. Please watch this eight minute video  to learn more about batch enrollment in LMS courses.

2. On the Course Details page, click Enroll


After enrolling, depending on the course requirements established by the administrator, you may have the option to launch the content, cancel your enrollment, or self-certify your completion. Some courses may require managerial approval before you are able to launch the course.



Classroom courses are instructor-led training events hosted in a physical or virtual classroom environment. For this type of course, you must find the course and then select from the available offerings to enroll. An offering is a scheduled date, time, and location for the course.

To enroll in a classroom Offering:

1. From the search results, click View Offering.

2. On the Course Offerings page, click Enroll for the offering you wish to attend. If there are no offerings available, you can click Add to Interest List to indicate your interest in attending the course.

3. On the Offering Detail page, click Enroll. Note: Administrators and Instructors have the additional option of enrolling others in a classroom course Offering from this page.

4. The Student Enrollment window displays your eligibility to enroll in the course. If you are not eligible, it will provide the reason. If you are eligible, click Enroll.


5. The LMS displays the status of your enrollment. It will also note whether the enrollment is scheduled or pending your manager’s approval. You can click Export to Calendar to create an *.ics file to import to your calendar application. If you are finished, click Close.


The LMS will also verify your enrollment in a course via email and under the “Mail Center” section of your homepage.

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