May's Coffee Survey Results
By Janay Robinson


In the spirit of a good cup of coffee, we asked you to answer some coffee related questions. We proclaimed that you didn't have to be a bonafide coffee drinker in order to participate... but results show that most of you are!

Do you consider yourself a coffee drinker?

We asked if you would consider yourself to be a coffee drinker. The vast majority of respondents, with a little over 71% agreed with "Yes! Don't talk to me until I'm on my second cup". About 21% of respondents reported that they do not drink coffee, agreeing with "No. I could do without coffee". And the remainder, about 7% identified with "Other". A couple respondents that sided with other elaborated with: 

"I can take it or leave it."

"Yes, but I don't need it to be functional."

"Weekend Coffee Warrior (occasionally at work)."

If you consider yourself a coffee drinker, when did you start?

Next, we asked if you do consider yourself a coffee drinker or previously were a coffee drinker, when did you start? The top 2 answers, taking over 68% of the respondent population was high school and college with 34% each. First job was the 3rd highest with just under 23%. The event of a new child was the least likeliest answer from respondents with only about 3%. A few respondents that fell into the "Question does not apply" percentage elaborated with: 

"Just recently"

"When I joined the work force after high school."

"After college. I moved to the NW and worked a job where I made coffee."

what does it mean to "make it dirty" when ordering coffee?
This was a just-for-fun question we asked to see what you would "brew" up. The correct answer is adding a shot(s) of espresso to your Chai Latte or coffee drink of choice.

Here are some the responses we received:

"Add a shot of espresso."

"To have it black."

"To use older coffee grounds in with the fresh grounds."

"No idea and I don't think I want to know."

"A nice, dark, freshly brewed cup of coffee with just a hint of creamer. That's what it means to me!"

Thanks again for participating in our May coffee survey. Missed out on the survey? No problem. Take part in our June's Nominate an Outstanding Grad for a chance to win your graduate a brand new Keurig Brewing Machine! To nominate a grad, click here.

Why all the coffee talk? Latitude designed a fictitious company, LatiBrewed, to demonstrate Latitude's LatitudeConnect features and functions.