Meet Latitude's team player: Sarah Robinson
By Michelle Merritt


We at Latitude believe the people behind the company are just as important as Latitude itself. Over the next few months please enjoy meeting the team in our weekly series of employee profiles.


Meet Sarah Robinson

Customer Support Representative

Joined Latitude   November 2014
Hometown   Morenci, Michigan
Education   Communications degree with a journalism emphasis from Washington State University
What does Sarah do outside of work?   

Though she works in customer support, Sarah has a wide range of interests. The greatest risk she’s ever taken was a two-week trip to Guatemala that included backpacking and a mission trip. If she has the chance she’d like to visit New Zealand.

Other cool facts about Sarah   While she now works in communications, at one point she wanted to go into law.
If Sarah could own any franchise, what would it be?    A bookstore
Contact Sarah   For more information about Sarah visit her LinkedIn page.

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