My Team Release 2: User Details and Team Goals
By Sarah Robinson


In phase two of the My Team dashboard, User Detail flyouts and a Team Goals page will provide new ways to view your people, manage their training goals, and track team progress. The full tool set will be released in phases, as we leverage the new LMS platform to develop new functionality for managers and mid-level administrators.  This enhancement is scheduled for release on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

Get started from the Navigation menu by clicking the My Team  icon. While the My Team list defaults to people who report to you at your Default Location, filters allow you to view employees across all active profiles. It includes training summary graphs, user filters, and a results list with profile detail and action buttons. Horizontal tabs allow you to navigate between team management tools.



Three charts summarize your employee training goals, listing both Courses to Complete and assigned Goal status. 

  • Courses – Total number of Courses To Complete by category: Required, Enrollments, Interests
  • Assigned – Number of assigned Goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due
  • Goal Progress – Bar chart displays percent each user has completed of their assigned training goals

The Filter   button allows you to refine the list of people in view. Sort the list by clicking column headers. Training Summary data will refresh to reflect user results.


  1. Filter – Added new criteria Preferred Language with comparisons "is, isn't" and the standard list of student language packs. This filter was also added to the administrative Search Users tool.
  2. User Details – Click the User  icon to view an individual's account information, such as their Email, Preferred Language, and Profile details. 

  3. Training Details – Additional icons now provide an overview of the individual's training plan, including their Courses To Complete  , Assigned Goals  , and for those using certification programs, their Highest Achieved Certification  . Click an icon to review a user's current training status.


The new Team Goals page displays the same User, Due Date, Status, and training summary information as the Goals page. Use the same Filter   criteria to hone in on a target list of goals by user, status, or organization. Manage your employees' training plans using the same goal assignment and editing tools.

  • Click the Status icon to expand record details, or click column headers to resort the list.
  • Open the Edit Goal  form to view details and make changes.
  • Use the Waive  button to exempt a user from completing their goal assignment.
  • Click the Delete  button to permanently delete training goals. 
  • Click +Goals to open the Assign Goals tool. 


  1. Team Goals – Clicking the My Team > Goals link now brings you to a new page within the same feature, instead of linking out to a separate Goals page. This allows the existing Goals page to remain as a training administrator tool, separate from the manager experience. 
  2. Goals Configuration – Portal Administrators will find new settings on their Site Management > LMS Information page, under a “Goals Configuration” section. Here we have grouped existing goal settings, plus added two new fields that control the display of action buttons on the Team Goals page: 
    Set Team Goals
    Waive Team Goals
    These action buttons are displayed by default. However, you can now hide these functions from your LMS managers, while still allowing high-level administrators the ability to manage training objectives from the Goals page.

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