New Features Help Track Training Progress: Goals, My Goals, Summary Reports
By Sarah Robinson


Rolled out as part of our "Course Goals" enhancement, the new Goals and My Goals pages provide users a simple way to manage certification goal assignments and track training progress at a glance. For details on the full enhancement project, please check out our R&D blog here: Course Goals


Managers will find an extra Goals link provided on their Employees and My People pages, where they can go to view and manage their employees' training goals.

Summary Graphics

There are two charts that summarize the your employee goal records, one by status and the other by assignment due date. Number totals display inside of each graph, while hover text provides percentage details.

Goals – Chart displays all goals by status: Achieved, Assigned, Waived
Assigned – Chart shows number of assigned goals by due date: No Due Date, More than 30 Days, Less than 30 Days, Past Due

Click the [Filter >] button to apply criteria that hone in on a target list of goals.

Manage Employee Goals

Training Goals are displayed with User, Due Date, and Status information.  Watch the to-do list move from Assigned to Achieved as your employees complete their certification and course goals. 

  • Click the Status icon to expand record details, or click column headers to resort the list.
  • Open the Edit Goal  form to view details and make changes.
  • Click the Delete  icon to permanently delete training goals. 
  • Use the new Waive  icon to exempt a user from completing their goal assignment.

Click the [+Goals] button to open the Assign Goals page. Find instructions on creating new goals here: Assign Training Goals to Your People

New Goal Status: Waived

Some LMS clients wanted to provide their managers a way to "waive" an assigned training goal, as managers and their employees sometimes need flexibility in creating a professional development plan. This action is most commonly used to exempt a user from training requirements assigned by Goal Rules, in an effort to create a more individualized program.

The system allows administrators to audit waived goals in the Summary Graphic and Goal Details view.  We will be adding the ability to get audit information on waived goals via custom Reports when we release our new Course Goals feature, currently planned for October 28, 2018.

My Goals

Students will notice updates to their Navigation page as well, with a renamed My Goals icon and assignment counter. Click this icon to open the new My Goals page, and discover the same functionality provided to end users interested in tracking their own training goals. 

All certification goals that have been assigned to, waived, or achieved by the logged-in user are listed here. It's important to note that students are not allowed to manage goals assigned by rule or by their manager. Only students who assigned themselves a certification goal will see action options listed. Although they may see the Delete All Goals option in the results header, the LMS will only allow them to delete self-assigned goals.

Summary Reports

We have enhanced the reporting engine with two new entities that allow you to summarize transcript or goal data: Course Summary and Certification Summary

Portal Administrators can use the Report Writer to build a summary report using the same Standard Filter and Advanced Filter criteria. Column selections will determine the ordered grouping of results data; therefore options are limited to a few per entity. 

In addition to actual transcript records, summary Report Results provide a new “count” column and a graphical display of data. Column sort order will determine the grouping logic of transcript/goal data, and therefore drive the quality of summary information and charts. 

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