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Now Available: Channel T.E.A.

6/18/2019 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Latitude has been hard at work to produce this quarter’s one-stop syndicated channel newsletter for professionals in the channel and partner industry. Check out Channel TEA for the latest edition with featuring headlines:

  • Stone Street Capital uses positive approach to training
  • Aligning Training With Culture
  • How to Incentivize Your Employees Towards the Right Behavior


LatitudeLearning recognized as Top Corporate LMS Software

6/17/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

FeaturedCustomers has listed LatitudeLearning as Summer 2019 Customer Success Report Rising Star Corporate LMS Software. Latitude is proud to continually gets recognized for a variety of categories; this listings is no different.


Results are in: who are you training?

6/11/2019 - Posted by Janay Robinson

Latitude CG conducted an online training survey to get a bird's-eye view into training programs. We had 179 participants from a variety of industries, all with knowledge about their organization's training program's objective.

In this series we will break-down each question asked to participants and our findings.


Announcing 2019 PACE Excellence Award for website redesign

6/10/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

ABEM, together with vendors Gravity Works and Latitude CG, won a 2019 PACE Excellence Award for ABEM’s website redesign.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

6/10/2019 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release includes enhanced Report results scoping for portals using Person-to-Person management. It also includes updates for several reported software assurance issues.


ENHANCEMENT: Reports Utilize Improved Person-to-Person Scoping Logic

6/10/2019 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

LatitudeLearning enhanced the LMS reporting engine with improved scoping logic for Person-to-Person structures, allowing managers and administrators to export training history for everyone on their team.


Stone Street Capital uses positive approach to training

6/4/2019 - Posted by Alison Huff

Whether someone receives a settlement from an insurance company after an accident or wins a big cash prize in the state lottery, the recipient may find themselves receiving that money on a monthly basis instead of a single lump sum.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

5/28/2019 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release includes resolutions to several reported software assurance-related issues, primarily related to reporting and Courses to Complete.


We are updating the Navigator Home Page!

5/24/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

In early June, we will be updating the Latitude Navigator home page for improved access to the key areas – Getting Started, Administrator Training and the Resource Catalog. We will let you know when its released!


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

5/10/2019 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release provides an enhancement to My Team allowing User Group assignment via a new Edit Profile option and also includes resolutions for several software assurance issues.


Success Academy updates franchise training

5/7/2019 - Posted by Sara Trzemzalski

In 2017 Success Academy, was leading their franchisees down a road to success by overseeing their brand’s ongoing training programs through their training model, known as Success Academy. 


Thanks to participants of our Training Survey

4/30/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Latitude thanks all participants of our annual Training Survey. Participants were given an opportunity to earn a $100 gift card. Kenneth Benson, Training Field Operations Manager of Subaru of America, Inc was awarded a $100 gift card.


ENHANCEMENT: My Team Dashboard Offers New Features

4/29/2019 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

To honor the true nature of a Person-to-Person Reporting Hierarchy, the My Team tool now allows training coordinators to manage their list of employees across the entire LMS structure, whether or not they share an organization assignment with the person who reports to them. We also released a new Pending Approvals page.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

4/29/2019 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release includes a new Pending Approvals page and enhancements to Person-to-Person user scoping logic. It also contains resolutions to several reported issues.


LMS Roadmap: New Training History Page and Course Groups

4/24/2019 - Posted by Brooke Oprsal

Take a look at LatitudeLearning's monthly update on activities such as Recent Product Enhancement and upcoming projects to enhance your LMS experience. 


LatitudeLearning named Most Affordable LMS

4/19/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

LatitudeLearning has been named in The Top Most Affordable LMS Software by Capterra. The list compares products using the twelve features and a scenario to determine the price for two years. 


ENHANCEMENTS: User Groups and Training History

4/16/2019 - Posted by Sarah Robinson

We are excited to announce two enhancements released to LatitudeLearning on April 14, 2019. A new Training History page was designed to highlight a learner's Completed transcript information by landing on a tab that displays the combined list of all their completed Course, Certification, and Curriculum transcripts.


LatitudeLearning LMS Release Notes (

4/15/2019 - Posted by Jill Schultz

This release includes enhancements to Training History and the User Group assignment process. It also includes several software assurance updates.


LatitudeLearning remains on Capterra's Most Popular LMS List

4/15/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Capterra ranks LatitudeLearning #12 in Top LMS Softwares of 2018. Latitude has been in the top 20 of this list since 2012.


Just released: 2018 Training Survey Results

4/9/2019 - Posted by Sonia Gottfried

Based on the survey results, future plans consist of getting more out of their training program on a reduced budget, as well as get more people trained with less effort. The goal is to prepare workers to be able to achieve their performance potential and grow the business. 


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