Quiz: Find the perfect LMS
By Sonia Gottfried


If you don't already have the perfect Learning Management System, try this quiz to get you set in the right direction. Capterra has created a quiz to help you select the perfect LMS for your training program. This quiz will help you determine what you really need from an LMS.

This quiz, provided by Capterra, functions as a tool that will walk you through your LMS purchasing decision.

These guidelines will ensure the best results:

  • Give the you best guess when you aren't sure of the answer.
  • Not all questions have to be answered. Skip what isn't relevant.
  • Select multiple answers when it applies to your training program needs.
  • When you see [Words in brackets], this indicate a place you can should fill in the blank.

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About Latitude CG
Latitude CG, home of LatitudeLearning, the platform LMS and base to LatitudeConnect the software that drives channel performance. Over 3 million people across 10,000 organizations have used LatitudeLearning to manage training.

Train More People with Less Effort: LatitudeLearning, an industry leader that drives performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement, is a technology first company striving to ensure that customers get the full benefit of the underlying systems and solutions that they are investing in. With the continuous change in platform capabilities and emerging trends such as mobile it is important that organizations have a solid foundation to operate from.

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