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GoMo Learning

User Satisfaction Index: 60 

We recently asked for users thoughts on the eLearning authoring tool set offered by GoMo Learning to get their informed opinion of the software.  Gomo is part of UK based Learning Technologies Group, a growing international business with a focus on the learning technology sector. GoMo is designed to be a multidevice authoring tool especially for eLearning professionals. Many survey respondents noted the ease of use yet as a major advantage and relatively few offered strong negative overall opinions.  We've reviewed the feedback and as our exclusive "Satisfaction Meter" indicates, the User Satisfaction index of 60 suggests that Gomo users are quite satisfied with the tool.

How They Rate GoMo Learning

Gomo received an average rating of 8.9 from respondents when asked the likelihood of recommending to a friend, where 0 is "not at all likely" and 10 is "extremely likely". A hearty 40% of respondents gave a rating of 9 or 10. While only 10% gave a rating between 0 and 6.  Overall roughly 20% of all respondents gave a rating of 7 or 8.

What They Like about GoMo Learning

Overall people liked the intuitive user interface of Gomo and the flexibility to deploy learning content to  multiple platforms.  Some also took note of the the authoring tool's ability to support group collaboration.  Among the comments we received:

"You get output to desktop and all mobile devices without any programming. It's very intuitive. "

"...It's an online tool and allows different authors to collaborate on projects. WYSIWYG editing that allows me to quickly build rich content."

What They Don't Like about GoMo Learninig

When asked what users didn't like about the software, few offered strong objections to GoMo. as evidenced by the lowest recorded rating of 0.  This would seem to indicate that users were frequently disappointed with the features and overall performance.

"I can't export content so it will run as a native app on mobile devices." 

"'I'd like to see much more themes/templates "

"No offline mode. "

When They Use or Recommend  GoMo Learning

There was a consistent theme among respondents that GoMo was especially useful for eLearning projects being deployed to multiple devices .  The majority of our survey participants said they used software when planning to create adaptive learning content. Among the responses we received:.

"For an array of projects. Recommend to anyone wanting to create adaptable learning."

"Whenever you want to deliver learning across all platforms without having to bring in programmers."


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