Survey Results ToolBook: User Satisfaction Negative
By Jeff Walter


User Satisfaction Index: -82 

We recently asked for users thoughts on the eLearning authoring tools offered by ToolBook from Sumtotal Systems.  Toolbook is part of the Skillsoft company of business which includes SumTotal Systems integrated HR software solutions.  Toolbook has been designed to be a comprehensive rapid authoring software that is easy to use.  Interestingly, many survey respondents commented on the outdated user interface as a major drawback for ToolBook.  We've reviewed the feedback and as our exclusive "Satisfaction Meter" indicates, the User Satisfaction index of -82 suggests that ToolBook users are none too pleased with the tool.

How They Rate ToolBook

ToolBook received an average rating of 4.7 from respondents when asked the likelihood of recommending to a friend, where 0 is "not at all likely" and 10 is "extremely likely".  More than 80% of respondents gave a rating of 5 or less. While fewer than 6% gave a rating  of 9 or 10.  Overall a scant 6% of all respondents gave a rating of 7 or 8.

What They Like about ToolBook

Considering the low overall rating, positive assessments were noticeably scarce however, several respondents found some benefits worth noting.  They liked the flexibility to design a variety learning content types.  Some also took special note of the the authoring tool's simple coding language.  Among the comments we received:

"Scripting allows you to do quite a lot."

"Has a lot of flexibility and freedom to design."

What They Don't Like about ToolBook

When asked what users didn't like about the software, many offered strong objections to ToolBook. as evidenced by 0 ratings from more than 25% of those surveyed.   This seems to clearly indicate that users were frequently dissatisfied with the features and overall performance.

"Not enough built in cosmetic features or modern style presentation routines that are simply click to insert. Now too expensive for me to stay with the latest version.

"The interface hasn't changed since I first started using it 20 years ago. Too many steps to configuring objects you place on the page. Files get corrupted very easily--it says something when a repair utility is included in the package. File sizes can be immense for a big project. "

When They Use or Recommend ToolBook

There was a consistent theme among respondents that ToolBook was limited in it's usefulness for complex eLearning projects being deployed to multiple devices .  The vast majority of our survey participants said they only used software as needed to create interactive learning content. Among the responses we received:.

"I now only use it for simple displays not needing modern looking interfaces or effects. Running on a single computer. No more LMS or training."

"If you have it on the shelf and can't afford to buy a more modern authoring tool, you can probably come up with a somewhat useful end product.."


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