TechSmith Camtasia Review: User Satisfaction Neutral
By Jeff Walter



Techsmith Camtasia

User Satisfaction Index: 0



We asked your opinions on the use of TechSmith’s Camtasia toolset as an eLearning authoring tool.  Thanks for your feedback, which resulted in an overall user satisfaction index of 0. 

Okemos, Michigan based TechSmith boasts a suite of software titles designed to improve content creation for both professional users and hobbyists.  Camtasia helps users create high quality videos easily. You can use Camtasia to record on-screen activity, customize and edit content, add interactive elements, and share your videos with anyone, on nearly any device.  While the software is not specifically marketed as an eLearning solution it's feature set can be adapted for a variety of learning applications.

Our User Satisfaction score reveals an overall neutral rating which suggests that while Camtasia has it's advantages as screen recording tool, it may not be the ideal choice as the primary option for quickly creating eLearning content.

How They Rate Camtasia

Camtasia received the most polarized responses to date.  Users either strongly recommend or don't recommend it. There were relatively few respondents in the middle. Camtasia received an average overall rating of 6.9 from respondents, where 0 is "Not at all likely to recommend it" and 10 is "Extremely likely to recommend it".

38% of respondents gave Camtasia a rating of 6 or less. 24% of respondents gave Camtasia a rating or 7 or 8, while 38% of respondents gave Camtasia a rating of 9 or 10.


Camtasia User Survey Distribution

What They Like about Camtasia

Overall people liked the intuitive user interface and basic design of the software, noting that the layout is relative easy to understand and the functions are robust and useful.  Among the comments we received:

"It does everything from capturing my entire screen; capturing keystrokes, edits video, allows the user to share/interact with the audience and so much more."

"Powerful and easy to use. It's great for capturing video of the screen. I also like that I can create SCORM courses from it."

"Quick way to record a demo.  I like the ability to publish a swf file that can be embedded in a course created by another authoring tool."


What They Don't Like about Camtasia

When asked what users didn't like about the software, some had issues with the product features, while most critical responses focused on pricing options or specific publishing limitations.

"Pricing options - it's expensive to roll out to an entire company." 

"Inability to edit the movies that it creates. If there is a change, it often requires starting over."

"Video editing takes alot of system resources from my laptop."

When They Use or Recommend Camtasia

"I recommend it to anyone wanting to capture video from their screens and wanting to create e-learning courses." 

"When someone has static content and very little experience and needs a simple tool to create a demo. If someone has technical aptitude or experience, we typically prefer Adobe Captivate."

"I use Snagit on a daily basis. If you need an easy to use screen capture, Snagit is fantastic. I would, however, only recommend purchasing a bundle of Camtasia tools to specific areas of a company, i.e., design; training; call center techs".

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  • JN 5/27/2014
    Camtasia is the simplest quiz creator out there. My company started it's e-learning with Camtasia for this reason. Once we got all of our initial courses offered on the web site, then we went fancy and moved to Articulate. We have seen no reason to move on to Captivate, as Articulate Studio and Quiz Maker do everything we need to make money and earn repeat business in e-learning. If we had started with a more complicated tool for quizzing and courses, we might have taken years to get all our content online for the world to see. Camtasia is a no -frills teaching and quizzing tool with the basics all covered.
  • Bob Flisser 7/24/2013
    I use Camtasia a lot, but only for screen recording, not editing. After recording in AVI format, I bring the files into Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.
  • Pete DaDalt 7/4/2013
    Great tool, and I've been using it for about 4 years in various incarnations. But there is definitely a pretty steep learning curve. I particularly like it for simple one-off videos.
  • Jeff Walter 7/3/2013
    Dave, the respondents to the survey definitely fell into one of two camps. They either loved Camtasia and strongly recommended it, or they didn't like it and strongly recommended against it. The user satisfaction rating of 0 reflects that both camps are about the same size.
  • Dave Giberson 7/2/2013
    Neutral? Seriously? Camtasia is the best multimedia authoring tool out there when ease of learning and use, capability, and speed of production are considered. I have seen online instructors absolutely transform their courses with this tool. Furthermore the time to deployment for Camtasia productions is a fraction of that for Captivate, which is more expensive, harder to learn, and still harks back to its origins as "RoboDemo", a screenshot/cursor animation kludge. Inability to edit as a featured comment? Camtasia Mac and Camtasia Studio have extremely capable, multi-video-track, compositing editors built-in. These editors offer the best compromise between ease of use and power available among non-linear editors I've ever seen. The Camtasia products also offer some of the best captioning tools available in the marketplace today. I can't think of another set of multimedia tools that offer virtually any instructor or trainer, regardless of prior training or experience, the kind of capability to produce useful quantities of instructional materials that is seen in the Camtasia product line. Dave Giberson Instructional Designer/Screencaster

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