Thanks to participants of our Training Survey
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude wants to extend a thank you to all participants of our annual Training Survey. As promised, participants were given an opportunity to earn a $100 gift card. We are happy to announce that Kenneth Benson, Training Field Operations Manager of Subaru of America, Inc was awarded a $100 gift card to Dave & Buster's. Congratulations, Kenneth! Thanks to Benson and nearly 200 other participants, we were able to gather data from a variety of industries about their organization’s training program’s objective. 

Based on the survey results, future plans consist of getting more out of their training program on a reduced budget, as well as get more people trained with less effort. The goal is to prepare workers to be able to achieve their performance potential and grow the business. 

We are seeing a major shift in corporate America’s outlook on training. Executives know a better trained worker equals better performance and a substantially higher ROI. This is no secret; they've known this. The results of our online survey conducted throughout the 2018 calendar year reveal the relevance organizations are putting on their training programs. 

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