The Training Bank views Latitude as a partner not just a provider
By Sonia Gottfried


Latitude’s partnership helps The Training Bank succeed in training leaders of tomorrow

Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leader in partner performance recognizes a strong successful business partnership with The Training Bank which specializes in customer service training and leadership training.

Ray Miller, Managing Partner at The Training Bank initially sought out to find the perfect LMS that could provide flexibility and customization. After researching the LMS industry it was an easy decision to pursue Latitude.

“When I started the journey to find the perfect LMS my mission was to find a partner who could help me through the technical aspect of the system. I knew how to deploy the information but I wasn’t comfortable with picking an LMS that fit my needs,” said Miller. “I was immediately impressed with how I was initially spoken to which was not at a tech level that only a programmer could understand. Latitude talked to me at my level.”

After many years of an established relationship between The Training Banks and Latitude, Miller admits Latitude’s partnership-like treatment keeps him coming back.

“What I like most about Latitude was that I could rely on people there to help me accomplish something rather than trying to constantly upsell me. Latitude took the time to understand my business and what I was trying to accomplish and was willing to help me achieve them,” shared Miller.

Miller acknowledges that Latitude’s flexible customizable model was a key factor in the decision to partner with Latitude, but the reason they continue to stay years later is in the manner the Latitude team helps them succeed.

“Building partnerships and seeing our clients grow stronger is a fundamental component to Latitude’s mission. Our client’s success is our success and The Training Bank is a clear example of the trust we have gained over the many years of working together,” said Latitude’s CEO, Jeff Walter. “We strive to exceed our client’s expectation by committing to our clients and following through with our promises.”

The Training Bank has a diverse client group and Latitude has been able to provide a platform for customization and unique design depending on the learning model desired.

About The Training Bank

The Training Banks specialize in customer service excellence training, customer experience training and leadership training which strengthens and sharpens organizational customer focus leading to customer retention, loyalty and long-term profitability.

This approach enables higher productivity and effectiveness in the workplace which in today’s highly competitive and global marketplace is critical. The Training Bank customer service training programs have a proven track record and have been used in key markets around the world.

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About Latitude Consulting Group

Latitude Consulting Group, an industry leading that drives partner performance through training, communication, measurement, incentives and consumer engagement. Latitude is a technology first company striving to ensure that customers get the full benefit of the underlying systems and solutions that they are investing in. With the continuous change in platform capabilities and emerging trends such as mobile it is important that organizations have a solid foundation to operate from.

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