Top 5 eLearning Articles week of February 9 (Love Your LMS)
By Janay Robinson


Love Your LMS

The following is our latest collection of interesting and thought provoking discussions highlighting just a few of the many intriguing aspects of training and eLearning.  We've taken special care to select articles that offer distinct perspectives on developing trends or emerging issues within the industry.

Click the links to read the full article about Loving Your LMS.

The Top 10 Keys To Producing eLearning People Love To Consume by Choose Growth

Two Key Steps to Selecting and Loving Your First LMS by eLearning Industry

What People Love and Hate about eLearning Infographic by eLearning Infrographics

Fall In Love With eLearning: Gamification, Personalization and Clear Pathways by eLearning Industry

Contributing Factors to Successful eLearning Design by Talent Blog 

Want an LMS that people Love? Remember to always keep your end-user in mind. For a video tutorial on how to customize your LatitudeLearning LMS please click here.

We hope you found these articles useful. Next week’s Top 5 articles we will focus on Why eLearning is Effective.

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